How to curl your wig hair?

Many people want to shape and beautify their wig before putting it on. From styles to curls, it is often possible. To get curls in your wig you need a curling iron.

Some of the major types of wigs used are:

To know if you can use a curling iron on your wig, it is very important to know what the wig is made of. Depending on the material of the wig, there are several ways to style your wig.

Synthetic wigs

With a synthetic wig you need some basic styling. Synthetic wigs are made of polyester or polyamide (nylon) fibers. Synthetic wigs can vary a lot in quality.

For example, a carnival wig is made to be worn only a few times a year. Better quality synthetic wigs are made to be worn several times a year. You can often check the package or leaflet to see which type you have.

Vital fiber stays in perfect shape. Cyber ​​hair falls smoothly and can withstand heat, but is often more expensive. With most types of synthetic wigs you can create curls in the following ways.

Way 1

Brush the wig. Then take a tuft of about 3 to 4 cm and turn the tuft into a roll. Wrap this roll in aluminum foil. Now use a flat iron on the wrapped piece of hair. Remove the foil when it has cooled down.

Way 2

Way two, of course, is the curling iron. This way is not as easy as you might think. What you should always remember is that you do not set the curling iron higher than 160 degrees. Otherwise you can damage or in the worst case destroy the wig. You should also always ensure that the wig is tangle-free! Also, do not forget to secure the curl with a clip or pin until it has cooled down.

Otherwise, it is useful to wash synthetic wigs in between curl and styling cycles.

But you can also opt for a more complicated hairstyle for which you have to work with foam.

Synthetic fiber wigs

With synthetic fiber, the wig cannot withstand heat or heat well. Therefore, never use styling appliances that work with heat. A curling iron is of course included.

Only wash a synthetic fiber wig when absolutely necessary. Rather use a scent bag. If you wash the wig because it is really necessary, do it in cold or lukewarm water. Do not try to wring or rubbing! This is bad for the wig. If the wig needs to be dried, try dabbing with a towel.

Human hair wigs

There are no restrictions with wigs made from human hair. According to stories on the internet, real hair wigs are worlds apart from synthetic wigs. The most frequently mentioned stories are that wigs made of real hair sting and tickle less than wigs made of other material.

Many customers also say that the price / quality ratio is better and that you can care for and style them better. We believe the latter is also the case. As you can read above, not all synthetic wigs can withstand heat equally well. The most important advantage is and remains of course that wigs made of human hair look super real.

Full Front lace wig

The entire hairpiece here consists of lace. This allows you to wear a parting from front to back (neck). You can also easily wear two braids from front to back. With that first option you are more limited in that because otherwise you will see a lot of jobs. With a full lace wig you can also style your hair in a (high) bun or a high ponytail with your entire wig. 

What are ready to wear wigs?

Are you planning to buy a wig made from real hair? You can get all types of wigs even the cheap wigs which can fit your budget. Make sure you do this with a specialist. This specialist should take a close look at how your hair was before and make a tailor-made offer. You can find one of the best specialists in the field online. There are experts who have hairpieces which are all unique and indistinguishable from real hair!

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