How to create a Virtual Phone Number?

A SIP number is an option for talking with interlocutors. The solution does not require the installation of telephone equipment in offices or the purchase of separate SIM cards for receiving calls and messages. This type of communication is based on VoIP technology – voice communication over the Internet. This type of service has found wide application in all spheres of life from everyday routine to business. Thus, in this article, we will consider how to create a virtual phone number and all the nuances related to this issue.

Most Common Spheres of Application

Temporary virtual numbers (VN) are popular for the following types of activities:

  1. VN allows getting a convenient and versatile tool to get in touch with clients throughout the world. By connecting such a solution, businessmen can explore new markets, and promote products in new regions. Thus, ensuring worldwide presence.
  2. Account creation on social networks (such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) and messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.).
  3. Online sales. Multi-channel virtual numbers are the perfect solution for online stores. Customers won’t have to hang on the line for minutes. Efficient allocation of incoming calls between managers will be achieved.
  4. Many people use such a solution to verify accounts if they do not have valid numbers or want to stay anonymous.

Benefits of Virtual Phones

This solution has the following advantages:

  • support for telephone connections in all regions of the world;
  • minimization and optimization of costs, including by reducing the staff of employees, both at the parent company and its branches;
  • no roaming is required;
  • completely free incoming connections;
  • the ability to set up call forwarding to mobile numbers of any operators;
  • increased customer loyalty since calls are evenly allocated between managers and the waiting period is reduced;
  • calls can be received through special programs on a computer or applications on a smartphone/tablet, as well as redirected to mobile or landline numbers.

How does the VN work?

  1. A call goes to an ISP.
  2. It directs the call to the device or server to which the number is connected.
  3. Depending on the set setting, virtual ATS redirects the call. For example, you can set the order in which calls from the VN will be received by employees.

Difference between Virtual and Regular Numbers

A SIP number is visually no different from a regular one and can be in the format of a landline phone, mobile, 0-800, etc. But, there is a global difference between them, which lies in the connection method.

To put it simply, such a number uses an Internet connection for communication. More precisely, a universal SIP protocol is used for data exchange over a network, which constantly alternates requests and responses from a client and a server. It can be compared to a language that helps devices understand each other and communicate without errors. In addition to IP telephony, such a protocol is used for many purposes – online games, video conferencing, etc.

Standard mobile or landline numbers can also be used as SIP, but only if your service provider makes them so. To do this, the provider changes the types of the number at the request of the client. But, in fact, most providers rarely provide such a service. Thus, it is easier to immediately purchase a VN.

7 Steps to Create a VN

The regarded type of numbers is available for an overwhelming number of countries worldwide. They are fully legal. Moreover, it is possible to buy virtual number receive sms for multiple regions. For example, three different options cater to residents of Asian, Indian, and European regions. So, a step-by-step guide on how to make virtual phone number:

  1. Find a service provider

To begin, select a company that satisfies your demands.

  1. Register an account

Fill out the registration form on the website specifying all the asked data.

  1. Deposit on your account

Look through the price list and top up the balance for the sum of money that will be enough to buy the number.

  1. Specify the type of phone and number

Contact a manager and explain what kind of solution and or what purposes you need. An employee will help pick the best option. Some portals provide a special form to fill in, where all the information about the required number is gathered.

  1. Choose a country

Specify for what country you need the number. Depending on this, codes will differ. For instance, +33 for France, +1 for Canada, etc.

  1. Select the period and rate

Indicate for what period you need the solution.

  1. Check details and complete the order

When you get the number, you can log in and adjust the settings. You can ask how to set up a virtual phone number when chatting with customer support managers.

A virtual phone number is a convenient solution for both businessmen and ordinary people. The option is most cost-effective if compared to roaming and allows communicating with people from abroad.

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