How to choose the right engagement ring?

The rings always enhance the look of the woman, and we can say that the rings are the perfect gift for the women if you are getting married or want a promise ring, on the top of that, if you are getting engaged, in all these events you will to gift a ring to take their name for you. So, if you are roaming on this page, probably you want a ring for your loved one. So, let us try and have a look at how you can choose the perfect and right engagement ring.


The first factor you must consider while the ring is the size. The size should be of the ring finger. You can look for the ways to know about the ring size of your loved one. You can ask for help from the mother of your loved one or maybe the sister. This step is a must because you will save yourself from the trouble. Consider you are among the crowd and going to put the ring, but the ring is either tight or loose. What will you in this situation apart from getting embarrassed? So, try your best to save yourself from this trouble.

Try to know the preference

The women have preferences not only in the clothes but also in the stones too. So, you must be able to try your level best to know about the preference of your better half. Maybe you like a diamond, but your better half prefers Sapphire. This is more like a mission for you, and you must indulge yourself in this as soon as possible. So, try researching and s=asking from your better half without letting them know. If you are getting them to speak about it, then try to recall the [previous events where they have mentioned about the rings or their favorite stone. There are many ways to know about this and try everything that you can.

Buy from the certified shop

Most people do not think this way, but buying the rings is a sensitive process. Many of the shopkeepers are here to fool the customers, and you can be one of them. Not all of the shops are certified. Maybe you go to the jewelry shop and like a ring there. But is there any guarantee that the stone is real? Or is there any guarantee that the shopkeeper is not selling the products obtained from the theft? So, you must know about the legitimacy of the shop, or you can ask for the certificate that works as a proof of their legitimacy.


Many people like shapes, and you can get the rings in your desired shape too. So, try to know the shape your better half prefers. We can make the things easier by giving a short list of some shapes:

  • Oval
  • Pear
  • Round
  • Emerald
  • Radiant
  • Princess
  • Crisscut
  • Marquise

A suggestion here is you can choose the shape according to the choice of stone.

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