How to Carry out PDF Editing, Highlighting and Redacting, and More

PDF editing, highlighting, and redacting software has been one of the long-anticipated developments in the industry. These tools make it easy to adjust data and information or correct errors in PDF documents.

PDF, which means Portable Document File, is a type of electronic file that displays documents in the same format, regardless of the operating system, software, PDF app, or hardware they are viewed on.

The challenge

Although PDFs are wonderful electronic materials bringing peace between Global warming activists, animal rights activists, and the corporate world, they pose a fundamental challenge.

Files in PDF formats can not be edited once prepared. Especially when passwords are added to protect them from users who modify data to reflect different information. Two types of passwords exist; User and Owner. To edit or correct information, would require a repeat of text formatting or typing, thereby making PDF files the end of the chain of data, text, or image computing and transfer.

So, the challenge lingered for decades since the file extension was developed by Adobe in the early ‘90s. The corporate societies and individuals continued to correct errors or include information on PDFs by retyping all over again.

Until the last decade or more, PDF editing tools and software began to surface, these tools are capable of rendering PDF files to permit actions such as in-file editing, highlighting, redacting, etc.

Unlock The Capability of PDFs

Password-protected PDFs are difficult to edit, especially if there is a user password that does not permit any user to view its content unless the password is provided. There is also the Owner’s password, which prevents editing, copying, or highlighting PDF.

User passwords conceal sensitive data in PDFs, for example, Bank details and transactions, private company information, private lists or agendas, etc, when they mistakenly get to an unintended user.

Electronic banking adapts the User type of password protection to keep information between customers and banks alone, except if requested by governing bodies under law.

To unlock owner’s password-protected PDFs require online PDF tools such as;

  1. PDF unlocker
  2. PDF Password Remover
  3. PDF crack

How to Edit PDFs Online

Business documents contain lots of information about transactions that could be years ago. The ability to adjust certain data following changes in market size, business size, employee status, and so on, is important

Hospital records, research documents, and thesis are documents that could also require adjustments from time to time. Therefore, PDFs are better to have editing functions.

Traditional editing tools provide a wide variety of options to edit files, some of these tools include;

  1. Adobe Acrobat
  2. Foxit Reader
  3. Nitro PDF reader
  4. PDF studio
  5. Microsoft Word 2013
  6. Libre Office, etc.

Online PDF editing has replaced lots of PDF editors or PDF apps that use PDF editing software to render the file before it can permit editing. Interestingly, Google Docs, a type of Google PDF editor, provides PDF editing options both online and offline.

Bi software (Business Intelligence Software), for example, is a business software or PDF editor for business that helps to analyze or retrieve business data for intelligence. It is a PDF editing software that is useful to generate business insights, forecasts, etc.

Online editing is instant, efficient, reliable, and easy to use. It allows adding text, or freehand comments. Adjusting fonts, text sizes and colours is also a feature that confers uniqueness to the files or information.

Here are some steps to edit PDF file online ;

  1. Click to open the file with a PDF app to check if there is a User or Owner’s password.
  2. If a password exists, remove the password with the PDF tools mentioned above.
  3. Edit PDF using Lumin, the best PDF editor.

Lumin is an online PDF editor suitable for individuals, companies, or organizations. On Lumin, you will be required to register using your email to begin editing. You can also download the desktop app.

Highlight Text

Highlighting a word or group of words is important for the emphasis of relevant information within a document. It is marked in color differently from text color. The highlight option provides different colors.

To highlight PDFs using PDF editing software, drag the cursor over the text of choice, right-click and select the highlight option. Highlighting PDF online with a PDF editor is included in the array of options provided once you begin editing.

Insert Signatures and Images

PDF signatures are unique, secure digital signatures. They are used to prevent users who try to modify or affect the data to reflect different information.

Using PDF editing software, one can add PDF signatures by clicking on the fill & sign option. It provides the option to either draw using freehand, type, or insert an image.

You can’t sign your name on documents without a signature, but what if you could? Enter the signature generator.

Signatures can also be added online using Lumin.

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Add Text

Information on a PDF may require updates or side-notes, for this reason, there has to be an ability to edit or add text. Lots of PDF file editors provide the ‘Add Text’ option within the PDF editing software.

Online editing tools, like Lumin, also provide an ‘add text’ option. Premium warehouse of News.

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