How to be a great waitress?

Occupation of a waiter, male or female it’s often a busy job. Whether you’re on a seasoned team or a novice to serve Tservice you provide In addition to being fired you will also be branded as greedy and was also reprimanded by other colleagues. Some people may not tip appropriately no matter what your service is While some people may not have enough money to tip or from a country where tipping is not an important custom

  1. Don’t sit still and do nothing. If at any time there are no customers Lets clean the shop first. Show the shop owner that you know how to work without ordering and is a hard worker.ry to find time to read this article and review yourself. During the free time from working in a spiral smile from customer Chief’s satisfaction and the number of tips earned each night can be multiplied with the constant development of service skills. We recommended here host 호빠 bar service, read some tips related this below;

Work efficiently and effectively

  1. Always keeps your appearance looking good. If the shop requires you to wear a uniform try to keep clean and always smooth if it is not a uniform you should wear formal and formal attire. This will help customers to be impressed and the boss is happy. Try to check you periodically during work that the clothes are messed up and there are stains that I forgot to notice?

Keep your nails short and clean

호빠알바wear shoes that look good not tennis shoes and try to fit tightly. Do not wear slippers. Avoid wearing perfume or cologne because some customers may be allergic to the smell. In addition, do not smoke before entering the event or during breaks, because it will leave an unpleasant smell while working. Trying to put on make-up and accessories, but it’s pretty enough. Does not look too overpowering

  1. 2. Memorize all food items. Familiarizing yourself with every food item will save you time and not having to worry about taking orders. Try to find time to study. And don’t miss the order or it’s too late. Try to remember the options for each food item. You should know what kind of bread to recommend, what size, etc., and be able to clearly identify the options. Be aware of any food items that contain meat dairy products or foods that many people have allergies to, such as nuts, etc., and should offer customers the right choice to replace those items.

Try to study that the shop has a daily special menu, what is it, before the start of each shift?

  1. Recommend additional items. You should politely ask your customers: Need a drink, a side dish, or want to upgrade the food item ordered as well? The store’s management will appreciate you very much at this point. And your own tip will be added because customers order more. Find out which alcoholic beverages are expensive and of good quality. You should describe its properties when the customer orders.

Try to ask customers at every table every time they want an appetizer first?

Do not pressure or deceive customers. Try to introduce food items politely. And don’t force customers to upgrade food items as if not having to pay extra money.

  1. Collect multiple tasks to do at the same time. Working in your shift will be much easier. If you know how to work with many at the same time, for example, you can do 3 things at the same time; just walk back and forth one round from the front of the shop to the kitchen. Try to stop by to collect empty plates at different tables. Along the way, every time I walk to the kitchen or use a tray to help transport them when customers need a lot of seasonings, drinks, or the like, rather than carrying them one by one. Try to take orders as soon as the customer orders and note that what else do you have to do in the next 5-10 minutes, unless you’ve been working for a long time?
  2. Manage your time well. Take note or remember how many minutes have you not walked to each table? And try to remember that individual food approximately how many minutes did it take to complete? Including walking to each table as soon as they finished eating each dish move freely without running and maintain a consistent speed so that everything runs smoothly notify customers that How many minutes do you have to wait for each item? If someone orders a well-cooked steak tell them to wait a bit longer than others. If the soup runs out and the chef has to re-cook also inform them how long it will take as well as offering other options as well.
  3. Always inspect food before serving especially if it is an item that has been specially ordered you will help reduce the problem for the shop a lot. If you know how to check food items exactly as customers order every time before serving if there is a problem, it does not match what the customer ordered. You should inform the customer and the kitchen which, if allowed you should offer a discount or something to compensate for such mistakes
  4. Prepare your frequent requests in advance. Most people ask for ketchup when ordering a burger. Most children drop their utensils on the floor when you realize is there something that customers often ask for? You should prepare them on the table in advance to help save both myself and customers time. It also makes customers feel that you care about them. Accessories such as silverware, seasoning kits, and paper napkins/hand towels always have a spare in the front pocket of your apron (if applicable).
  5. 8. Don’t leave a small tip to destroy your job duties. Don’t complain to customers about tipping less. No matter what 

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