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How often should you wash your linen bed sheets?

The natural materials are tough to compete with, especially if you have linen. The unique flax fibers that are exceptionally strong, soft, and breathable will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. So, naturally, you need to take care of such material to last you for a long time. 

The care and hygiene of the linen bed sheets are relatively simple; you need to wash them once a week as the regular cleaning can help you prevent health problems, such as allergies, skin breakouts, and more. This way, clean linen bed sheets will give you more comfort benefit your health and sleep quality. 

Even though people may say that linen can be rough on the skin, actually linen bed sheets will get softer, smoother, and comfier with every wash. If you consider investing in new linen bed sheets, you need to know the basic steps to care for such fabric. Here’s the guide on how to do that.

Washing bed linen sheets

The washing process of bed linen sheets is not that difficult. There are two steps that you need to consider for cleaning your linen bed sheets:

  • Preparation for a wash. The lazy mornings and the breakfast in bed can become messy, and unfortunately, accidents happen. So, spot-cleaning and pre-treating any deep stains are essential. Naturally, you will want to prewash and remove the stains, or you can check this guide to remove any stain from linen.
  • The main wash. The most important things are the detergent and the temperature of the water. It’s best to use mild liquid detergent to clean bed linen sheets, don’t use powder or fabric softener as it can damage the fibers or reduce the lifetime of linen. As for the temperature, it should be lukewarm, no hotter than 104 (40). Wash the bed sheets alone; this way, they will get more room and come out cleaner.

Drying the bed sheets

The easiest way to dry any fabric is to machine dry. The fantastic technology eases the drying process, but for linen bed sheets, the ideal setting would be hang-drying. The benefit of this hang-drying method is that it lets you have less wrinkly bed sheets. If you don’t have space for the hand-dry way, then use the dryer on a low setting, and remove bed sheets when it’s 90-95 % dry. 

Ironing linen sheets

The natural linen material is known for its beautiful wrinkled look, which looks fantastic. Of course, everyone has their preferences, and if you like that smooth and crisp look of freshly ironed sheets, you can iron your linen sheets. Set your iron at the highest temperature with hot steam, this way, you will get out all the wrinkles. 

These are the basic steps to keep your linen bed sheets clean and crisp. You can apply all the steps on any of your linen pieces; you can remove one step if it’s not needed. Moreover, if you complete all the steps, you will achieve the highest level of softness and luxury in your bedroom all year round. 

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