How I Can Get Votes For an Online Contest For Free

Do you need a voting boost? Here are three ways to drive online contest votes: Befriend sweepers, use email and Reddit campaigns, and avoid shady practices. If you’ve got a free contest, the power of personal contacts is enormous. Use your social networks and friends to get people to vote for you, and you can see a ripple effect. Just make sure to follow the rules of the contest.

Befriending sweepers

There are several ways to befriend sweepers and get votes for your online contest. You can post an ad on your Facebook page, join sweepstakes clubs, or even create a contest page on Facebook. By doing this, you can receive as many votes as possible for your contest. Remember, you’ll need to rotate scores to prevent fraud, so do some research to make sure you’re not cheating.

Email voting campaigns

If you want to build suspense before your giveaway or contest, email voting campaigns are the way to go. Email campaigns allow you to reach out to every follower of your content and ask them to vote. Open rates are used to measure how many people voted. This is an easy and convenient way to generate engagement before a competition. These emails can also build community between contestants and participants.

For buying votes for online competitio, you will need multiple accounts with the right authentication method. You can purchase votes from Vote Brokers and UpWork script developers. However, these methods may not be as convenient as you would like. Also, the Amazon Turk policy prohibits paying people to vote. You can hire an UpWork script developer to create an alias for the email address. But be sure to keep in mind that the majority of email account owners don’t allow you to pay them to vote.

Reddit voting campaigns

In a move that is sure to get the attention of users, Reddit has created visual ads that encourage voters to cast their ballots. The campaign, which will run until 3 November, connects voting mechanics to online contests. The larger the Reddit community, the more likely it is that your post will be seen. This is especially effective for political campaigns, as Reddit users often use the site to discuss issues important to the country.


Reddit users are renowned as tastemakers and influencers on the web. The majority of content on the site is submitted by users and their opinions shape which posts make the front page. As such, marketing efforts that rely on direct response or sales-driven methods are not likely to be successful on Reddit. However, if the campaign can leverage Reddit’s community’s unique features, you’ll be rewarded with highly targeted traffic and ad inventory.

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