Habits to Develop as a Part of Preparation for Class 10 Science Exam 

You studied 22 hours for an exam and ended up with a B+. Now that’s disappointing. What if we tell you that studying for 22 hours in 11 days would have been an effective strategy. 

Sounds absurd right?

Your brain was also saying the same thing when you were sacrificing sleep to study and your mind didn’t get enough rest to synthesize the information. 

A perfect grade is not achieved by studying a couple of days before the exam. Habits that we accumulate today gradually lead us to that perfect score. 

In this article, we will discuss the habits you should develop as a part of the preparation for the class 10 science exam. If you manage to stick to them without fail, your perfect grade is not going anywhere. 

Let’s get started

Habit #1: Set Weekly Targets

Setting short-term goals is the best way to abide by long-term goals. Set a feasible goal for the week and work regularly to finish it on time. If you study aimlessly, you will not get anything done. 

Divide your syllabus into small portions and complete each portion a week. Create a well-constructed study plan to finish your syllabus ahead of time so that you have plenty of time for revision. 

You should also dedicate a time slot to revise the topics you study in the previous week.

Even if something urgent came up, you should try to readjust your schedule and finish it within the same week.

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Habit #2: Prepare a Study Plan

Preparing a study plan is not simple. You need to consider all the mundane tasks and urgencies. Therefore, you should prepare a flexible study plan. 

You should give yourself room to make changes in your schedule. Even if you have extra homework or an assignment, you should never let your syllabus pile up. Prioritize your tasks to keep things moving smoothly. 

Download an NCERT class 10 solution pdf and use it as a reference to enhance your writing style and understanding of the topic.

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Always keep a day with minimal work to reset your brain. Start your new week with a fresh mind. 

Habit #3: Write your Notes

Nowadays, students are so dependent on technology that they use laptops or tablets to take notes. It might look cool but every technology is not a blessing. 

Typing down your notes with autocorrect and technical assistance will limit your writing skills. Unfortunately, there is no autocorrect in your exam sheet. Therefore, you should stick to the traditional way of taking notes. 

Scientifically speaking, whenever you write something, your brain automatically interprets the information for you. As a result, you have a better understanding of what you are writing. 

Also, it is easier to remember the notes written in your own handwriting. Digital content looks alike but you have a personal connection with your handwriting. 

Habit #4: Keep Yourself Motivated

Planning and executing are two different things. Now that you have created an ultimate plan, all you have to do is follow it every day. Well, it is easier said than done. 

With all the distractions around us, students are likely to give up on their routine after a week or so. To avoid such dilemmas, you should keep yourself motivated. 

Make a list of your dreams or ambitions. Note down the reasons for all this hard work and stick it on your desk. Whenever you feel hopeless, go through the list. It will motivate you to keep going. 

Habit #5: Take Notes Regularly

Everything you learn in your class, you will forget it the next day. If you write notes simultaneously, you might remember your topics for a little longer. Writing notes will keep you focused on the task at hand because you need to listen to take notes. 

Keep your pen moving and you will grasp more than usual. Half of your exam preparation can be accomplished by taking notes in your class. 

If you manage to revise them on the same day, you will have a long-term understanding of that topic. 

Habit #6: Test Yourself

Even if you are studying regularly, that doesn’t mean that you are ready for the final exams. You need to test if you are learning properly. 

Set mini-tests on regular intervals and attempt it honestly. It is going to reveal the result of your preparation. If you couldn’t get a perfect score in the mini-tests, then you need to switch things up. 

Try to change a thing or two. Make some changes to your study plan. Before going for the final exam, you should overcome these milestones of mini-tests. 

It is better to face reality in your tests rather than losing marks in your final exams. 

Habit #7: Get Enough Sleep

In the race of getting an A+, you shouldn’t sacrifice your sleep. Sometimes, it feels like the right thing to do. Giving extra effort and time. However, your health is the most important asset and lack of proper sleep can have long-term conditions like heart disease, depression, and even obesity. 

No matter what, you should take 7 hours of sleep. Do not try to readjust the lost hours during the daytime. You should not miss out on your night’s sleep. Read More About: 0x00x0

Lack of sleep can build up fatigue in your brain and your body. As a result, you will lose focus and learn nothing during your study hours. On the other hand, you can take proper sleep, wake up with a fresh mind and learn everything better. 

You should not mess up your sleep routine even the night before the exam. Stay confident and believe in your hard work. 


Adopting productive habits will help you in every aspect of your life. These habits will attain you a perfect score in all the subjects along with science. You should not leave these habits behind with your session. You should accept them as a way of life and excel in education. 

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