Fun ways to celebrate teachers day

Teachers beautifully instill values, manners and other important things in a child which eventually helps to shape his/her lives. Every year we celebrate teacher’s day to honour the contributions of our mentors, gurus or teachers in our lives. We celebrate teacher’s day on September 5. Every year students look forward to expressing their heartfelt gratitude for their teachers in some or the other way. Here are a few fun games and activities that you can choose to organise to commemorate this special day.

  • Stage performances – This is by far the best possible way to express your emotions for your teachers in the right manner. Ask your children to keep all about the stage performance a surprise. You can organise a live band performance for your teachers wherein band members can play a few teacher’s day songs to cheer them up. Or else you can ask children to dress up as their favourite teacher and mimic them not in a disrespectful way but in a healthy yet fun way. Teachers will absolutely love to spot their replicas on such a special day.
  • Fun games – Bring out the sporty spirit in your teachers as you choose to organise some fun games on the special occasion of teacher’s day. You can organise some indoor or outdoor games like scrabble contest, spell check, football, cricket and basketball like games. They are sure to have one hell of a teacher’s day celebrations.
  • Informal Chatting Session – Teacher’s day gives students and their mentors a great reason to bond over a real nice informal conversation. You can ask the children to engage in some free flowing discussions with their teachers. Or to put up some questions related to academics. They will be beyond happy to be of their students’ help.
  • Appreciating Your Teachers – Gratitude is the best gift that students can choose to bless their dear teachers with. You can ask children to write some speeches, organize some parties in the honour of their teachers and dedicate some quotes or self composed poems as they choose to appreciate them for their integral contributions.
  • Arrange a picnic – Picnics are always fun and they tend to become even more fun when organised on teacher’s day. You can carry some home packed foods and drinks, tissues, snacks in a basket along with some sports equipment like badminton rackets, volleyball, etc. to have a gala time with your teachers. Make sure to fix up a date and venue way before the teacher’s day.
  • Decorate – Ask children to decorate the staff rooms and corridors. They can decorate it with some colorful streamers, polaroid printouts of some pictures with their teachers. Get some balloons, ribbons and cards. Make a slash “World’s Best Teacher” to gift to his/her favourite teacher.
  • Organise A Fashion Show – There’s a reason why we crush on our teachers, when we are young. Simply because they look and dress up so nicely. This is why it makes perfect sense to organise a fashion show for your beloved teachers. Set a dress code could be wearing something from the state they belong to or could be some colour combination oriented theme. Keep a prize set for the winner along with a tiara.
  • Bingo Game – From kitty parties to other crazy fun filled events, one game that makes way in everyone’s hearts has to be Bingo. Your teachers are going to have a crazy time shouting “Bingo” as they complete the first line, bottom line, middle line, corners, early 4 and full houses. Set an amount separately for each of these rounds so that your teachers can look forward to earning something (even if it’s something very insignificant in amount)

So, these were some fun activities you can choose to organise for your loving teachers. Whichever of these activities you are about to pick, make sure you don’t forget to order a teacher’s day special cake along with midnight cake delivery service in Bangalore to leave your favorite teachers amazed with your surprise gesture.

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