Forex Fury (The Ultimate MT4 and MT5 Trading Robot)

Are you searching for an effective way to succeed in trading? Do you want an EA that can match your trading style? Then, it’s time for you to use Forex Fury. Many traders consider this expert advisor (EA) as the ultimate MT4 and MT4 trading robot. Let’s find out why.

What Is Forex Fury?

Forex Fury ( refers to an expert advisor designed to provide you with a proven 93% win rate and a low drawdown. Besides NFA and FIFO, this trading robot is also compatible with MT4 and MT5. It is build to help traders like you grow accounts, whether you are a newbie or an experienced trader.

Developed by the Rypax Inc. Team, Forex Fury comes in two different packages: Gold and Diamond. You can purchase the Gold Package at $229.99, including unlimited demo accounts and one live account access. If you choose the Diamond package, you can have it at $439.99 and take advantage of unlimited demo accounts and two live account licenses. Both packages come with high-performance settings and free updates.

Helping Traders Become Productive and Profitable 

Forex Fury developers are committed to continuously upgrading the robot while helping traders of all sizes become more productive and profitable than before. Through the 100% verified trading results with low drawdown, it’s no surprise why it is the ultimate MT4 trading robot.

When you use Forex Fury with your trading strategy, you can take advantage of the time-restricted and scalping approach. Remember that this EA robot can open all traders in a matter of one hour together with low volatility, so you can use the strategy on different pairs while remaining stable.

This EA robot features profitable preset settings. However, what’s a more interesting thing is that the developers enable you to have a full control over the robot. Meaning, you are free to pick a stop limit, choose days when you want to trade, and set your own lot size.

When it comes to functionality, the robot can close the transaction once it receives a profit. The good news is that the robot accepts even a small profit. In such a case, ensure to fix your stop limit. Beware that this customization feature is unusual and not found in other automated alternatives.

In case the asset price remains in the anticipated direction, you can keep the transaction open for a longer time. Since the robot has compatibility to any MT4 broker, you have the freedom to utilize your own broken or even choose from the available recommendations list on the official website. Mind that you need to sign up to access that list.

What Makes Forex Fury A Trading Advantage 

As the ultimate MT4 trading robots, lots of traders are benefited by using Forex Fury. Below are some of the highlights of why most traders prefer this robot over the other EA robot counterparts:

  1. Free Settings 

Do you want to test your own trading knowledge? Then, Forex Fury is an ideal EA for you. It allows you to test and even improve your trading knowledge. Most beginning traders may start trading even without modifying the robot’s profitable settings. As for the experienced traders, they prefer integration several solutions for their custom strategies.

  1. Customer Feedback 

If you are new to Forex Fury, you can check out the user reviews. That way, you can determine whether or not this EA robot is worth your money, effort, and time. On the robot’s official website, plenty of positive testimonials and reviews are available.

  1. Trading Results

If you have already traded for some time, you know that the trading world is full of uncertainties. That is why most traders want to review the robot’s verified trading results before they purchase it. With Forex Fury, rest assured that you are satisfied with its verified trading results.

  1. Real-time Automated Results 

According to many traders who are using Forex Fury, including us, this robot offers a 93% winning ratio with Myfxbook. Not only that, but we also enjoy its 100% real-time automated results.

  1. Cost-effectiveness 

As mentioned above, you can choose from two different packages, depending on your budget and trading needs. Forex Fury is much more worthy and affordable for beginners and seasoned traders than other high-end EA robots.

  1. Easy Installation 

When it comes to the installation process, you do not need to be a tech-savvy or acquire new skills because it is very straightforward. After you choose and purchase your desired package, you will receive a link to download the software. Then, you can start using the different resources, such as full-length, comprehensive user guides, a 24/7 customer support team, profitable free settings, tutorial videos.

We appreciate how responsive the customer care team is because they answer all our queries as quickly as possible. Plus, they are very friendly and professional.

Getting the Most Out of Forex Fury 

Forex Fur continues to be capable of trading many different pairs. Most traders prefer one pair per account. That way, they allow the robot to use all its resources on a single pair.

One of the best ways to choose which pair matches your trading needs is installing different MT platforms. Then, ensure to run multiple demo accounts. Through the unlimited demo accounts, trading becomes a lot easier, and you can take advantage of modifying and testing the settings.

Each of the accounts runs different settings, times, and pairs. If you want to add a pair, all you need to do is open the chart and drop the robot on it.


With the constant change in the trading market, having robust EA robots like Forex Fury is a trading advantage. In fact, beginners will not only benefit from it but also seasoned traders. The robots come with plenty of interesting features, and installing it is very easy. You can choose from the two different packages. Overall, if you want to improve your trading performance, Forex Fury is your ultimate MT4 trading robot. So, you may try it now to experience what we are talking about.

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