Five Great Ideas For Script Tattoos

You can do quite a bit if you want to get script tattoos. You have quite a few different choices when it comes to this kind of tattoo. Here are five great ideas that you might want to consider if you intend on getting a script tattoo.

“Born An Original”

There are many things that you can choose to get when it comes to a script tattoo. However, one good idea is emphasizing your individuality and you can do this in a number of ways. One good idea for doing this with a script tattoo is getting “You were born an original. Don’t be a copy” on your body. This is one unique script tattoo that you can get. Of course, there are other great script tattoos you can get.

“Cross the Ocean”

There is plenty that you can do with a script tattoo. However, one idea that is popular with many people who do get a script tattoo is making it clear that you have to be courageous to move forward in life. Many script tattoos convey this message. One example of a script tattoo that does this is a tattoo that reads “You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” You can also add to the nautical theme of this tattoo by adding an anchor alongside this script if you want.

“Love Yourself”

People use tattoos for all sorts of different purposes. Sometimes, people get tattoos to simply give themselves encouraging messages that help them move forward in life. If you want to get an uplifting script tattoo, you have many choices. However, one option is tattooing “Don’t forget to love yourself” somewhere on your body. This is a simple script tattoo, but its message makes it a good idea for anyone who wants a script tattoo.

“This Shall Pass”

There are a number of different script tattoos that you can get if you are looking for some kind of positive message for your tattoo. However, sometimes, it is a good idea to keep in mind that negative situations are only temporary and that you will emerge from them at some point. You can remind yourself of this fact by getting “This too shall pass” tattooed at some location on your body. This is another good idea for a script tattoo since its shorter message makes it easier to create and it is also uplifting.

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A script tattoo is often one that conveys a meaningful message to the person who gets it. There are many kinds of such messages and there are plenty of ideas for how to tattoo them on your body. However, one idea that is quite simple but may work well for you if you want a very short but powerful message for your script tattoo is tattooing “Hope” on your body. If you are thinking about getting the script tattoo right, this is much easier since it is quite short. However, it also conveys a powerful message and reminds you not to lose hope.

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