Factors That Affect Car Washing Machine Price in Kenya

Looking for a pressure washer machine at an affordable price? You can choose a cold or hot water model that will suit you. Better and faster cleaning at the comfort of your home. This article outlines and describes various factors to consider when buying the machines.

When you have decided to buy a car washing machine, it does not matter if you had acquired one before or if it’s your first time. Due to the dynamic nature of technology, new machines with improved features are invented each day. Therefore you don’t need to have previous knowledge although it may be of significance in some instances.

With technology it means they come with various modifications added to the previous brand. therefore when choosing a car washing machine one needs to be very keen as rand new models of car washing machines flood the market.

Car wash machine price in Kenya

In your daily life, you might have come across various types of car wash machines on markets here in Kenya. These machines come at a different cost. This might have left you wondering which car wash machine is the best and has desirable features. Here are some of the things you should look for as they also determine car washing machine price in Kenya.

Rate of water flow.

A high rate of water flow means the car wash machine avails a lot of water per second. Consequently, it means the machine can perform the clean work more quickly as there is enough water at your disposal thus it is efficient compared to that with a low water flow rate and they will therefore be more costly.

Power or engine size

The engine is very key for any machine be it an automobile or generator. This is what controls the machine. It is usually listed in HP or watts. The higher the engine size the higher the pressure and consequently the higher the water flow rate. Car wash machines with high power are more expensive compared to those with low power engines.


Pressure is another factor that goes in hand with a high rate of water flow. Good car washing machines should have very high pressure of up to 150 bar. With this high pressure, enough water is ejected via the nozzle thus making cleaning easy and efficient.

Hose length

Hose length determines how far from the car can the washing machine move while cleaning. A big hose enables you to wash around the car without carrying the washing machine to reach the other side. Most models have lengthy hoses and power cables for those which are electric.


Portability is an important factor to consider, is the machine for domestic or business use. It’s advisable to buy those which have wheels for easy movement. If you go for those without wheels, they should be light to be easily carried.


In the price determination of car wash machines, various factors influence these prices. The first determinant is the brand, some brands are expensive than others. Especially the most known ones are costly than the less known ones. This is because their quality has been tested, tried, and proven and it’s their trusted and reliable.

Therefore one should always put these features into consideration when going for a car wash machine. For more information, visit

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