Facebook Ads Dramatically Expands Your Brand’s Reach

Facebook Ads Expands Your Brand’s Reach

With over 2.9 billion active users worldwide, Facebook has become the most visited website after Google. Facebook is where friends and family meet each other, share their news and catch up with one another. 

With all this local, regional and international traffic, every brand should be advertising on Facebook. Facebook Ads are right up there in second place after Google Ads. Their ad platform is flexible and inexpensive. It’s a great place for a new company without a lot of capital to begin their advertising, to let people know they’re in business and what their products are. 

Using Their Data to Benefit Their Advertising Customers

Facebook was launched to Harvard students in February of 2004, and they’ve never looked back. During their rise to supremacy among the now numerous social media websites, they’ve made it their mission to learn as much as they could about their users. This business model has been adopted by all the platforms that followed, but because of their sheer longevity and number of users, Facebook will always have the greatest following. 

One of the greatest benefits of advertising on Facebook is that the platform allows its advertising customers to benefit from almost twenty years of this data.  

The data allows brands to target their advertising to reach their most valued customers or customers that are a new market for their products and services. 

Tailoring a Brand’s Advertising to a Specific Market

By partnering with a talented and experienced Facebook Marketing agency, your brand can make the most of its marketing budget and reach the audience that will provide the most conversions. You can target by age, buying habits, gender, region and many other qualifications. But the targeting aspect of Facebook ads also allows you to combine the targets. You can target men over age 40 in a specific region or women under age 30 who’ve bought a specific type of shoe in the past six months. 

Once you’ve zeroed in on your particular audience, Facebook also gives you options in the type of ad you can run. There are five different types of ads you can run. Each ad type works well for a particular type of product or service. 

Complicated tax services, for instance, sell better when they’re explained in a video ad that potential customers can view over again, so they understand the service completely. On the other hand, clothing ads tend to make an impact on users when they can easily see the entire product range in a carousel ad or a slideshow ad.  

But to effectively make the most of all the choices that Facebook Ads provides, you need to partner with a digital marketing agency with years of experience in creating Facebook Ads that are effective for your brand. Primal is an experienced Facebook Ad agency that will make advertising on the world’s largest social media platform the right choice for your brand initially and a choice that will help increase the exposure of your brand exponentially.  

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