Extended Warranty Sales – Negotiating a Better Deal on Your Auto Warranty

Why would anyone want to buy extended dealer warranty services from a company other than the original dealer? Why would anyone want a dealer services warranty when the dealer has already taken care of the warranty needs for their vehicle? Well, it makes no sense. Now, here’s why:

Just For Fun: Did you see the last sentence in that paragraph? “The dealers themselves are not with the original car dealer, and therefore the extended warranty that they’re trying to sell you isn’t with the car dealer, either.” That’s a pretty accurate statement, don’t you think? If someone is trying to scam you out of a sale, as they almost always do, they use words like “the” and “on” in their sentences. They want you to believe there is some connection between the two when there is absolutely none. They don’t want you to question their authority, so they use words like “the” and “on” to get you to read between the lines.

Longer Lasting Warranty: Let’s assume you don’t get an extended warranty from the extended warranty company on your own car. How long will you have to wait before you can actually use those warranties? In many cases, it can take up to 3 hours before you can start using your dealer warranty, just because the dealer needs to contact you. This can often include international delivery charges, which can eat into the savings you thought you were getting. Oh, and on top of that, sometimes the company needs to run a credit check to make sure you actually have coverage before they give you the money. You might be talking about a few hundred dollars or even several hundred dollars for the most part.

If you’ve been negotiating for a dealer warranty for an extended period of time, you’ve probably heard this line: “I know I can get you a warranty in five hours, but I really needed it yesterday.You’ve heard me right – those extra few hours of time mean a lot more than you might think. ” Those few hours ago could mean the difference between you and an extended dealer warranty.

We are not talking about scams; we are talking about legitimate dealer scams that go on very often. A lot of times, these are started by someone who starts talking to you about how fast you’ll be able to get your new extended warranty and then starts using words like “in five hours” and “here’s what you need.” Of course, they use the “here’s” word twice.

So, what should you do if you’re talking to a dealer about getting an extended warranty, and they say something like, “In five hours, I can have it done.” Well, the first thing you want to try is just saying, “ok, I’ll see what I can do about that,” or “just give me a call, and we’ll figure out what we have to do.” This kind of answer may be too direct and will probably cause the dealer to run some other scam on you. Try something like, “In five hours, please provide me with a complete list of tasks, and make sure you submit them one at a time in order to expedite your approval.”

That might seem pretty vague, but it will work! What the dealer needs to do in this situation is change the sentence from “In five hours, I can have it done” to “In five hours, please provide me with a complete list of tasks, and make sure you submit them one at a time, in order to expedite your approval.” This sentence contains two specific words, which we need to exploit. The first word is “in,” which tells the reader that the dealer can meet the request. The second word is “after,” which gives the reader a specific date. This will make the customer feel as if the dealer was waiting on him/her for five hours when in reality, it took only four.

You see, by using specific words, we can change the meaning of the sentence from “I can have it done” to “Please give me a complete list of tasks, and I’ll finish it in four hours.” Now, instead of the dealer saying, “I can have it done in five hours,” he says, “I can have it done in four hours.” And the customer will feel like they got their extended warranty! Try these tips, and you’ll be able to negotiate better deals on your auto warranty with less effort.

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