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Exquisite Lighting Ideas To Amp Up Your Living Room

The living room is undeniably the most important of the home and it usually defines the aura of your abode or even elucidates the physiognomy of the place. According to experts, after bedrooms, an average human being spends most of their time in the living area. The right illumination for the living room helps the house be personified and come alive on the numerous special occasions you wish to have there.

Every living room requires adequate lighting fixtures not just to make it functional but also offer a look that reflects your personality too. If your living room is naturally lit or not, spacious or not, colourful or not, it does require that nudge when it comes to decor. There are a million different decor elements that you can incorporate into your living room, but for now, we stick to the most elegant options and also the most impactful – chandeliers and floor lamps.

There’s a reason why we take these two elements alone to give the much-needed makeover that your living room requires. Chandeliers shout out grand in every way possible, while on the other hand, we have a very modest piece of decor, floor lamps, that are down to earth, quite literally. Chandeliers and floor lamps signify that duality and that balance that every living room requires. A perfect makeover requires not too much and not too little and now we share with you the most energetic pieces of decor from the house of The White Teak Company.

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Chandeliers: Our picks for the season

Chandeliers are an important addition to your living rooms for numerous reasons but most importantly because they can remodel your entire home and also offer a warm atmosphere to you and to anybody who visits your home. And you can never run out of designs and you can always find a piece that’s too loud or the one that has relatively moody energy.

1. Black Tie: Now just as the name suggests, Black Tie brims with elegance and does complete justice to the name and the tradition it imbibes. This crystal chandelier is one of the finest in The White Teak’s catalogue and helps your living room make a bold style statement. Oval shaped, with a matte black shade, Black Tie encases strings of amber-tinted crystals that lend an unmatchable aura to your living space.

2. Magic in Milan: Bold, is not how many people prefer their decor and look for more much sober options and sometimes a little unconventional too. Magic in Milan makes it to the list because of its exotic appearance and a few with a good eye might even notice it’s minute resemblance to a Blue and Gold Macaw. Rare and unconventional would be the words to describe this piece and Magic in Milan can lend a very moody yet energetic look to your living room.

3. Keep Her Happy: Another one of The White Teak’s bestselling pieces, this crystal chandelier stands out in the collection and offers a smart LED with remote control for your convenience. The dimmable LED light will let you make this crystal chandelier blend into any kind of mood, occasion or setting. Round shaped, with strings of clear crystals hanging down from the golden plate, this chandelier is a must-buy for someone seeking an opulent makeover of their living room.

4. Caesar’s Palace White Marble – Grand: This masterpiece trumps out its entire competition in the list by a significant margin. Resplendent, opulent, elegant – you’ll need no more words to describe this beauty. Ideal for high ceilings, Caesar’s Palace Grand is the crown of our double-height chandelier collection. Golden strings suspend white marble discs to give a very dreamy yet classy image to your living room. The marble discs can be adjusted according to your taste and even in its standard form, this chandelier offers its unequalled opulent charm to your living room.

Floor lamps: Subtle inclusions for unmatched class

Floor lamps are a very modest piece of decor that is easy on the eyes yet gives you that elegant final stroke to the canvas to turn your living room into a living work of art. Floor lamps are important for a lot of reasons but subtlety and functionality remain on the top. Take a look at our picks to turn up the energy and the aura of your living room.

1. The Golden Cluster: This modest floor lamp tops our list due to its versatility. This piece of art can be as subtle or as grand as you want it to be in your living room. This floor lamp has a vintage vibe and the beautiful amber shades can literally blend with any existing decor of yours. The coffee coloured frame and the symmetrical illumination will give this energetic look to your living room even on lazy days.

2. Slate Abate: This exquisite piece of work is by no means a modest addition because it is there to make a bold statement and nothing else. This stone veneer floor lamp is for people with an acquired taste and who love keeping their decor completely unorthodox. This floor lamp is very catchy and its sleek and minimalistic design makes it an amazing inclusion to your living space.

3. Mirage: Some people are already over the conventional decor and constantly look for the edge and for those people we have Mirage. A minimalistic and contemporary floor lamp, Mirage offers symmetrical halos placed over its sleek base to offer a very unorthodox look. Dimmable LED, this lamp can blend into any occasion, any decor, any mood with the tap of a button.

4. Songs of Summer: This floor lamp looks as beautiful as it sounds. One of our bestsellers, this lamp offers a positive aura to whichever room it is placed in. An ivory lamp shade adds to the subtlety while the golden stand with a design that roughly depicts a bunch of flutes bound together is nothing short of grand.

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