Executive search software – making head-hunting easy and effective in 2022

An executive software for headhunters that is innovative, practical, and easy to use. Are you an executive recruiter looking for a CRM software that delivers on this promise?

Head-hunting is different from traditional recruiting which focuses on finding skilled candidates for junior to mid-level roles. Executive search is all about identifying top talent for the higher echelons of the business. Head-hunters are after senior executives and c-suite executives who will strategize and shape the future of the business. The usual recruitment software is not enough when it comes to head-hunting top executive candidates. Search firms must invest in an AI-enabled executive search software system for the best results.

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A smarter solution to head-hunting top executives 

A proactive head-hunter will do their research and be prepared before they approach their candidates. At the senior level that the recruiters are hiring for, it is expected that they will have all the relevant knowledge about their senior executive candidates. This is especially important when passive candidate sourcing.

In 2022, head-hunters need their executive search software to support better executive candidate souring, to act as a LinkedIn recruiter alternative, increase productivity by decreasing the amount of admin work, etc.

An AI-powered recruitment database software for headhunters delivers a powerful and effective recruiting platform. This allows head-hunters to focus solely on finding the top talent and building solid professional relationships. That’s the crux of head-hunting.

All the important but repetitive and laborious admin tasks can be carefully managed by the recruitment software leaving recruiters with ample time to concentrate on the important task of networking, candidate sourcing and placing the best-qualified executive candidates.

Three fundamental software features that make executive recruiting easier and competitive

It is important to put a top strategy in place to plan the best talent sourcing, hire senior executives, and develop a great relationship will all executive candidates. Using the right kind of software for headhunters will help you work effectively from anywhere while also helping your team stay focused and productive.

  • Passive candidate sourcing

Executive search cannot rely on active candidates alone. In order to deliver the most skilled candidates to hiring companies, head-hunters must expand their search to include passive candidates. Focusing only on those executives who are actively looking for new opportunities will end in head-hunters missing out on passive but suitable c-suite executives who may be a better fit for the role. Your CRM software should be equipped to work as a passive candidate sourcing software by helping you investigate your talent pool as well as searching on various social media platforms.

  • LinkedIn recruiter alternative

For many recruiters, LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for candidate sourcing. It carries millions of candidate profiles. But with everyone seeking fresh talent there, it is time to look for a LinkedIn recruiter alternative. An executive search software system like Talentis easily helps any recruiter source qualified candidates from around the world. It collates publicly available information from not just LinkedIn but other sites such as Bloomberg, Reuters, etc., to list hundreds of top executives according to recruiter needs.

  • Compliance checking

No recruitment process is complete without compliance checks. With GDPR laws and IR35 regulations strictly in place, all staffing agencies and executive search firms must take compliance checks seriously. Those who do not adhere to these checks will be slapped with hefty fines that can critically affect business. Therefore, it is important to utilize the executive recruitment database software for all the necessary compliance checks.

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