Emirates is one of the best travel agencies in the world

The NDC-enabled direct communication platform ‘Emirates Gateway’ for travel agents is about to be launched. Emirates will be the first airline to offer travel agents. From July 1, travel agents will get services through this platform. On the same day, a surcharge will be applicable for all bookings through Global Distribution Systems (GDS). According to Emirates, the Emirates Gateway launched in October last year to provide communication options, exceptional products and benefits to trade partners across various channels. IATA developed the New Distribution Capability (NDC), intending to improve the airline’s content distribution further.

Emirates goal is to empower trade to better serve their customers

Emirates goal is to empower trade partners so that they can better serve their customers.” The Emirates Gateway is launched to provide additional content and options to agents, overcoming the current system’s current limitations. Get the benefit of traditional content. From July 1, a distribution surcharge of-14-25 per ticket will be levied depending on the sector’s length to reduce the losses that the airline has to accept in the case of GDS distribution. Emirates is working hard to connect interested trade partners with the Emirates Gateway.

Emirates direct booking platform for travel agents

Emirates Gateway offers a wide range of content and rentals that are not available through indirect channels. There is also no distribution surcharge at Emirates Gateway. Access to the Emirates Gateway can be accessed in a variety of ways, such as the Emirates Booking Portal – this 16-language booking portal is directly linked to the Emirates Reservation System, making the booking, ticketing and ticketing services much easier; Emirates Gateway Direct – NDC is required to access Emirates content through APEs and trade partners can tailor applications to their needs. Emirates Gateway Sync – A convenient link to receive Emirates products and services, provided by IATA registered and Emirates certified technology partners.

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