Eat these to stay healthy in winter.

Winter, it is freezing before Khan leaves. Put some foods on the food list that will keep you away from various winter diseases. Dried fruits Dried foods contain a lot of protein and calcium, which will provide a lot of energy to the body. So eat dates and such dried fruits in winter. You can also drink milk after eating dates for breakfast.

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Vegetables help keep the skin healthy.

Vegetables are grown in the soil. Eat more vegetables grown in the ground, such as garlic, onion, radish, carrot, and potato, because these foods take time to digest, which creates heat in the body. And through this, the body stays warm. Foods cooked with ghee can use ghee instead of cooking oil this winter season. Ghee contains unsaturated fats that keep the body warm naturally. If, patients who have high blood pressure or high blood cholesterol then it should be better eat ghee according to the doctor’s advice. visit the site khatrimaza

Honey soothes dry skin

Honey Try to eat honey regularly this winter season. In the morning, you can mix honey with hot water and drink it. Or you can add honey to other food or salad dressings. Flower juice has a lot of nutrients. It also keeps our body warm for a long time. Add ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom to the food in winter, and keep the body warm. You can also make tea with these spices and drink it. Protein-rich foods Are sure to eat enough protein-rich foods in the winter. Chicken, meat, fish, eggs without fat, keep these foods on the list all the time. These foods are beneficial in surviving the cold and keeping the body healthy.

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