Eat-and-Run Verification

What is Eat-and-Run verification? An online casino or poker room offers a free downloadable game for members. For example, the Playtech site offers the “Reality Poker” game with all the bonuses and extras that you would find in the full version. However, there is a catch. If you download the game, then you can’t play for real money!

It is against the gaming rules for any online casinos to offer bonuses to players who download the games. Why is this? There are a few reasons. First, some online casinos feel like they have to protect their own interests, which means they will refuse to give out incentives to players who gamble with their credit cards. By offering an all-for-nothing incentive to do what they would normally be doing anyway, they discourage players from using their cards to make real money on the site.

Another reason is that the all-for-nothing offers seem like a scam. Since most people who download the games don’t end up spending anything, the online casino verification sites see the free bonus as a scam. They report the site to the Better Business Bureau uses the information to pull its record of complaints against the casino. This doesn’t just mean the site is breaking the law – it also means that other gamblers may end up being affected by the scam as well. It’s a great way to hurt other sites’ chances of gaining new customers!

So how does the Eat-and-Run verification system work? The system works by alerting the online casino to a certain sequence of behavior. For example, if someone on an eat-and-run verification site plays a maximum of five hands on a site that offers no eat-and-run bonuses, the software will flag the play. It’s unclear why the system chooses the particular sequence of actions; perhaps it believes that a player will eventually eat to compete for free chips. Either way, it sends an important signal to the casino that 메이저사이트 is legitimate and should be treated as such.

Sites that offer no eat-and-run bonuses also use similar algorithms to determine which sites to leave alone and which to keep out. A new player who intends to become a high roller probably wouldn’t want to join a scam site, after all. However, a site that offers no bonuses at all could easily use this algorithm to filter out anyone who isn’t willing to dish up the required number of free chips to become the highest-riding participant on a table. As a result, the algorithm makes its decision based strictly on skill, not on name recognition or real-money earnings potential. There are some casinos that allow players to register with a bonus missript such as “free chips” or “credit” but don’t advertise the fact on the site itself.

The point of all this is simple: Don’t trust your money to a site quickly, just because it promises you “no eat-and-run bonuses.” Even though it might sound like a great outcome, the casino is using the threat of casino withdrawal to encourage you to play and keep spending. By making sure that the site is full of games that produce consistent great outcomes, you can help thwart the casino’s efforts. When you’re getting good value for your money, remember that the casino doesn’t have to offer no-eat-and-run bonuses to keep you going. You do want a casino that’s going to be open all day long, though.

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