Distilled Bottled Water: Is It Best Choice For Your Health?

The market is flooded with innumerable types of bottled-water, so how can you select the best one? Isn’t it difficult for you to know which bottled-water will give you a great number of minerals and electrolytes? It’s also possible that roughly particular types of water can pose adverse effects on your body rather than giving benefits. Numerous companies are selling diverse brands of bottled water but unluckily not all of them supplying the best water to their customers, even some of them selling such water that is more hazardous instead of beneficial for your health. Hence, it is good enough to have complete knowledge about different types of water available in the market, particularly about distilled water that is one of the famous forms of water.

What is distilled bottled water?

As per the name distillation method is used to clean the distilled water. In real, the distillation process involves water boiling then condensing the water vapors back into the liquid form. The distillation method is used to remove the scums as well as mineral deposits from the water, that’s why many people believe that distilled water is used to pull all the minerals out of the body. But, it is not the whole truth. The distilled water is not fit for drinking purposes and the reason behind this is there are no minerals in distilled water on its own which makes it capable of pulling minerals from everything that comes in contact to maintain its osmolality. Distilled water doesn’t cause serious health ailments, but can cause several harmful effects like reduced metabolic function and raised urine levels leading to the discrepancy in electrolytes.

An improved substitute for distilled bottled water

As a replacement for distilled water, there are numerous substitutes available that are more advantageous for your health. Rainwater is the one that outshines others in clarity and taste. Rainwater is directly harvested from the clouds that distinguish it from other types of water, as it doesn’t touch the ground.

There are countless risks are associated with groundwater. Since, there is a high risk of absorption of the pollutants such as heavy metals, pharmaceutical products, and trace elements into the groundwater. Even if such water is passed through rigorous purification methods, it still has chances of adulteration, because there is no perfect method available yet to make the groundwater free from all the pollutants.

On the other hand, rainwater is collected directly from its source, so it doesn’t touch the ground so have no risk of contamination. For all these reasons, rainwater is flaunted as the purest form of drinking water. Rainwater is infinitely renewable so it is the most sustainable type of water available in the market that means sit doesn’t cause harm to the environment full of valuable water resources. Always look for bottled rainwater to fulfill your all hydration requirements as a substitute for the distilled water.

What is the best choice of healthy water?

The best bottled water on the earth is rainwater due to its health benefits and clarity. Though, it should be kept in mind that all companies are not following the standard purification methods to treat the rainwater. Nevertheless, rainwater is the best form of bottled water, but it is essential to have an update about the company that is following the standard procedures or even exceeds it to purify the water to consume. This will help you to confirm that you are drinking the healthiest and pure form of water. The utilization of the progressive technology of water purification by several companies provides clean and healthy water for drinking purposes.

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