Diamond Brokers Queensland – Buying a Diamond That is Grown in a Lab

Diamond Brokers Queensland was one of the first companies in Brisbane to begin selling lab-grown diamonds. The company realized that many consumers would prefer a lab-grown stone over a naturally-sourced stone, and their popularity has risen since then. In fact, lab-grown diamond sales now account for more than 35% of store sales. And, they aren’t just for the wealthy anymore. Even the average Joe can afford to buy a beautiful diamond.

Unlike natural diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are completely identical to their natural counterparts. This means they will show the same fire, scintillation, and sparkle. Because man-made diamonds are completely synthetic, it is impossible to tell them apart. Buying a diamond that is grown in a lab is an excellent option for the discerning consumer. And, with the right care and expertise, you can purchase a beautiful piece of jewelry with confidence.

The process for creating a lab-grown diamond begins with a small, pre-existing diamond. A breakthrough in diamond technology is used to simulate the natural formation of diamond by using intense heat and pressure. These temperatures reach as high as 1200 degrees. The lab-grown diamond takes a long time to grow to its full potential. Once it is grown, it is cut like a natural diamond, producing a rough pure stone. Unlike natural, man-made diamonds cannot be differentiated from their natural counterpart.

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Pre-existing diamond

The process for a lab diamond Brisbane begins with a pre-existing diamond. Advanced technology uses extreme pressure and heat to replicate the natural process of forming a diamond. The temperature is a hefty 1200 degrees, which makes the stone completely unrecognizable. The lab diamond grows and matures much faster than natural ones, and is thus as close as a natural one. Once the crystals have been grown, they are cut in the same manner. A typical lab-grown diamond is 99% identical to its natural counterpart. There is absolutely no difference between the two.

There are many benefits to lab grown diamonds UK. Aside from being an incredible value for your money, they are also environmentally friendly. They are certified to be conflict-free, and this makes it a safer alternative for buying a diamond. Considering all of this, it is important to remember that a lab-grown diamond is a better option than a natural one. While a natural diamond is a great investment, it will only last for a limited time.

Grown diamond

A lab-grown diamond can be traced back to its source in the same way that a natural one does. And, the only difference between a natural diamond and a lab-grown one is the source of the diamond. Moreover, a lab-grown stone is created in a laboratory, so it’s likely that it is conflict-free. It is therefore crucial to understand the difference between the two types of diamonds and how they are formed.

The main difference between a natural diamond and a lab-grown diamond is the way that it is manufactured. The man-made diamond is not only made in a laboratory, but it’s made from a preexisting diamond. Its shape is also identical to a natural one. It is impossible to distinguish a lab-grown diamond from a natural one by sight. However, the process of producing a man-made diamond involves a process that mimics the nature of a diamond.


It is not surprising that the difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds is very clear. The difference isn’t that different stones are created from the same substance, but the same structure. This means that the natural diamonds are more difficult to cut and would be more expensive. The two types of diamonds would be identical, but the differences between the two would be visible under ultraviolet light. But they are not exactly the same. While the natural counterparts are much harder, they’re not necessarily easier to identify.


As far as how lab-grown diamonds compare to their natural counterparts, there are several key differences. One difference is the grading process. The quality of natural diamonds varies depending on their color and cut. A natural diamond has a higher price tag than a lab-grown one, but it is more durable. Hence, buying a lab-grown diamond is the better option. If you’re in Brisbane, you can be sure that it is genuine and a diamond is worth its weight in gold.

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