Delightful Chocolate Cake Frostings To Give A Try

Life seems much better when frosted with drool-worthy chocolate frostings. It doesn’t just add up to its appeal but also to its taste – be it any chocolate ganache frosting, chocolate whipped cream frosting or even chocolate buttercream frosting. When you feel like notching up the celebration vibes, make sure to either order cake online along with online cake delivery in Meerut or wherever you reside or else you can bake a cake and top it up with some tempting chocolate cake frosting. If you are looking for some amazing frosting ideas to take your chocolate cake to a whole new level, then here are a few ideas for you to give a try. Take some cues, don your baker’s hat and set onto your baking expedition.

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  1. Boiled Chocolate Glaze – This kind of delectable frosting goes well with any kind of cakes be it Bundt cake, glaze sheet cakes or even pound cake. Guess the best part about this frosting is that you don’t have to wait for the cake to cool down before you pour some boiled chocolate glaze to top it off. 
  2. Coke Frosting – If Cola is your favourite treat, then why didn’t the idea of making a frosting out of it didn’t happen to cross your mind? Coke frosting is quite similar to the fudge-like frosting used popularly in a chocolate sheet cake. You can pour some coke frosting over some still hot cake and let it cool before serving it to your guests. 
  3. Classic American Style Buttercream – Made with butter, powdered sugar, and a little bit of milk, this frosting is sure to brighten up anyone’s day by making them forget all their blues. Additionally, you can choose to flavour with vanilla extract, vanilla beans, citrus zest, or even espresso – the choice is yours. 
  4. Salted Peanut Butter Frosting – When chocolate is paired with peanut butter, it tends to take any dessert item to a whole new next level. You can choose to top up your dark chocolate cookies as well as layer cakes with this frosting to let everyone keep asking for a piece more of it.
  5. Marshmallow Fluff Frosting – Ever tried s’mores cake? Well, if you haven’t then at least try to upgrade your normal chocolate cake with a lip-smacking marshmallow fluff frosting. Think of layering a chocolate sheet cake with such a drool-worthy frosting to make it the centre of everyone’s attention. 
  6. Sour cream ganache – If all this while you were thinking that chocolate ganache is your favourite kind of frosting, then you better wait until you relish some sour cream ganache from the top of your chocolate cake. Unlike many other kinds of frosting, you don’t need to have heavy cream ready to make this kind of frosting. It even works well with greek yoghurt too.
  7. Vegan icing – With growing awareness, many people have turned into vegans. So, if you are one of them you can give it a try to finish off the cake baking process with a magic vegan icing. It is a much lighter alternative to whipped cream or buttercream frosting. And can be easily made by whipping a can full of chickpeas easily in no time.
  8. Fruit Flavoured Glaze – Did you know that bananas make a great sugar substitute? This is why trying to finish off your cake expedition on a fruity note could turn out to be quite pleasing. It will be much more nutritious than any other kind of frosting and can even be chosen to be paired well with some other yummy frostings. 

So, which one of these tempting frostings are you likely to give your first try to? 

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