Cute Simple Short Hairstyles and Haircuts to Try in This Year

Cute and easy-to-style short layered hairstyles

Short layered hairstyles are currently very popular in the fashion and beauty industry. This article gives an overview of the short textured hairstyles that are currently booming in the trend scene.

Fashionable hairstyles with short layered hairstyles

The short hair gradient enhances the texture and volume of the trimmed rock and adds an extra amount of suspension to the hairstyle, making it look great at any age. Inspire and think of ways to diversify your current short hairstyles!

Layered Pixie

Try this gorgeous choppy pixie for a youthful and timeless style. This cut is the perfect mix of messiness and elegance. You can smooth it out for a night look or rely on a texture for a headboard-inspired style.

Cute textured brunette pixie bob

The cheeky and cute short hair styles are very easy to style, cool and comfortable in hot climates and slim any wide face. For a trendy sideburns touch, try pushing the sidepieces behind your ears, leaving some layers in front.

Straight texture creamy blonde bob

Cut straight hair into short bobs for good health and well-maintained. A simple burst with side parts gives it a sophisticated and professional look. When you’re not working, wear a cute headband or secure with some hair clips to soften it.

Soft and simple gradation bob

This short layered bob is so pretty! The soft feather-like gradation is very stylish and chic, but still modern. If you need such a shaved bob, show the stylist’s photo and tell them more easily what layer you need.

Layer-cut dark pixie

Some of the best short layered hairstyles are surprisingly simple. This hassle-free look is all about foam. The tapered bangs on the sides and the entire forehead create a classic frame (especially when combined with the cute sideburns). If you’re looking for a long pixie cut image to show to your stylist, consider this great example.

A long pixie with a golden blonde burrage

Did you notice that you are running out of morning time while trying to prepare for school or work? Pixie and the Bob are easy-to-use hairstyles for straight-haired women as they do not require any special styling tools and skills. Blow dry quickly and comb and you’ll never be late!

Bob with a messy surface gradient

Don’t underestimate short layered hair. It’s fun, versatile and sexy. Smooth ends emphasize the edges, and turbulent gradations add volume to the edges. Brighten up with a blonde burrage. If you want a more sophisticated and sophisticated look, use a fine hairbrush to lay your hair down.

Intermittent undercut pixie

Layers can take pixies from medium to artistic. The voluminous and dynamic appearance provides enough personality. It’s a super shortcut, but it’s still super feminine and soft.

Random shaved pixie bob

Sometimes the confusion is good. Taking this voluminous Bob as an example, it wouldn’t be almost full without the teased and disturbed gradation. The flyaway and messy look is strategic and stylish.

Curl under a smooth brown bob

Want something a little smoother and more sophisticated? Cut bob with an ultra-lightweight layer that blends in easily and beautifies your hair. When styling, round the edges to prevent them from tipping over and shape the perfect girl’s bob.

A long tapered pixie with a messy crown

If you want something cute and easy to maintain, choose layered short hair. It’s an easy length for everyday styling and looks very chic, especially with side sweep bangs. If it’s not long enough, you can make up for it with a tall, teasing crown.

Jagged and angled blonde Barrage Bob

Modern Bob isn’t all one length. Cut the hair diagonally, shorten the back, lengthen the front, and create a jagged layer throughout. Use a dynamic two-tone barrage technique to alternate between different colors over short gradients. Use a curling wand to form a loose wave.

Stack Bob lifting the crown

This image with a short back and a long front is the case of a stacked Bob. It’s somehow elegant and at the same time full of volume. The bloating keeps the classic fit interesting. Glossy blonde highlights further enhance your hairstyle.

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