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In the construction of buildings, whether it is a residential house รับสร้างบ้านโคราช or a public building, various factory buildings All have to do the floor. There are many types of flooring, many forms and materials, which have different loads and configurations. The floor is the load-bearing part of all objects located in a house or building. The furniture in the house or the weight of the shelves. as well as products that keep stock and including the weight of the inhabitants or in the case of using a forklift within the building The parking building has a car in and out. Some points may carry up to a hundred kilograms per square meter. strong stability The ability to carry various weights therefore it is important

There are currently two types of common folk construction that are commonly used:

Prefabricated floors and cast-in-place floors For prefabricated floors, it is an area that is more commonly used today. because it is convenient and fast in construction and is economical But for the cast-in-place floor It is also required in the that is a bathroom or the part that needs to be drilled in the floor because the finished floor is not popular and should not drill holes in the floor because it may cause strength of the floor slab can be reduced Therefore, in this section The formwork floor must be used in place. before casting the bathroom floor Should have already selected sanitary ware. Because the distances of the pipes of different models of sanitary ware are not the same, the pipe burial position To drill holes in the floor for pipe work, so it is not the same.

prefabricated floor

In the old days, when constructing reinforced concrete floors, there were many steps. Must set up a reinforced steel tie. Do braces and then pour the concrete. and before the next step have to wait several days but in modern times Floors are constructed using prefabricated floors. Which makes the construction convenient, fast and very economical. The use of prefabricated floors has a method that is much easier and more convenient than normal floor casting. The method is to cast concrete beams, reinforce steel or set steel beams prepared and then place the prefabricated floor between them. beams then proceed to tie the steel grating above the floor and then pour the concrete. Leveling the topcoat Once the concrete has set itself well, it can Make the floor surface or use it at all. Restrictions of the finished floor. is unable to penetrate the floor, so the part that is the pipe system that must pass through the floor must Plans and pre-orders are also available. The finished floor will have water leakage. Get the part of the house that is a bathroom and a balcony or The area must be in contact with water all the time, so the floor should not be used successfully.

There are many types of prefabricated floors to choose from in the general housing. Prefabricated flooring is commonly used with a flat stomach. which can be used well in columns of 3.5 – 4.5 meters, while hollow core can be used in columns with a width of 6 -15 meters, commonly used in large buildings, the post tension system is the system Concrete floor with special steel designed to be able to withstand a lot of tensile strength. and pulling that special steel Keep it taut when casting the concrete. to increase the strength of the floor Helps the floor to bear more weight with reinforced high tensile steel and pulled in the concrete floor This makes this type of structure have a thinner cross-section. and there is no need for beams to fasten the pillars to transfer the weight of the floor to the pole as well but mostly used in tall buildings and large buildings This type of floor is rarely seen. In a residential house, as much as it requires advanced construction techniques, it is difficult. and very expensive In addition to the various folk methods

The nature of laying the floor itself can also be divided into 2 methods, namely slab on beam and slab on ground. Popularly made on the floor that is attached. with the ground that has to receive a lot of weight For example, the parking area can reduce the problem of collapse of the structure and beams because all the weight of the floor is transferred directly to the ground itself. In the matter of pouring the floor should be poured continuously to complete Ideally, the concrete will be homogeneous. as standard reinforced concrete floor There must be concrete covering the rebar of not less than 2.5 centimeters by using concrete. with the ratio of cement : sand : stone is 1:2:4

How to check the strength of the floor. The word ground here means Floor structure is not flooring material if the floor is not strong enough. Often appear to have cracks to see. Most of which takes place on ground structures. And it tells us that the structure of the building or the house is going to have a problem. not suitable for living If left unedited should therefore be checked to find a way to protect And fix each other early before the problem spreads so big that it can’t be solved in time.

to investigate the cause of the crack or test the strength of the floor sometimes It is difficult because once the concrete has hardened. You can hardly check the internal components, whether it’s steel type, steel size, iron count, iron binding, so it’s a good protection. If you take care During the construction it was very good from the beginning. but if you are unsure of the quality of construction or there is a crack to be seen then To check the cracks, it is enough to do. And the best and commonly accepted method is to test the actual weight that the structure must support (according to the engineering standards for which it is designed. ) up to place, which can be done in 3 ways:

  1. Place a bag of cement on the test floor. Because each mortar will have its exact weight.
  2. Place a bag of cement filled with sand on the test floor. It must be roughly calculated that How heavy is the bag of sand?
  3. Block the area to be tested and put water into it. This method, in addition to testing cracks, can also test whether the floor has water leakage or not.

How to check is there But taking precautions with care during the construction thoroughly It was something that had to be done from the beginning. It’s better to prevent than to fix. and to test the strength of the floor There must be an engineer to take care of it every time.

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