Clipping Path Proves to be An Essential Process in Commercial Photo Editing

Commercial photo editing is not just any other type of photoshop task that is performed by hobby photoshoppers or photoshop newbies. This is serious business. And when I say serious business, I mean literally just that. Practically rise or fall of a business can rely on commercial photo editing. Among the entire photo editing arenas of commercial photography, clipping path service turns out to be the single most utilized essential task that commercial photography cannot do without.

Why Clipping Path is so Important?

Come to think of it! If you are in to commercial product photography, you have an idea how it all works.

What can you really do without clipping path service when it comes to advertising photography?

There are various advertising photography related editing jobs that get done all the time. Whether it is removing the image background, ghost mannequin service, various types of editing and retouching, they all use clipping path to begin with. Hardly any advertising photography gets published with the image background. If it is the product image, then it is almost 100% of the case where the background is removed from the image to accommodate the publishing media background.

Long story short, clipping path is the starting point. Once the product from the image is outlined, it then can be taken apart to do further editing or retouching.

Can You Really Do Without Clipping Path?

If it is commercial product photography, it is virtually impossible to do without clipping path. If you want to do it professionally that is. Yes, sometimes you can get away without using clipping path. For example, if the product is shot with white background to begin with, such as in a lightbox, and then published on a white background.

Small businesses or small-time product photographers might try to cut corners to save cost by not using clipping path. They might use the entire image as is on the eCommerce website. It might work around to some extent, but to make things professional, clipping path is essential to cut out photo background and to align the image perfectly and professionally on the eCommerce store.

How Clipping Path is Used for Ghost Mannequin Photography?

Ghost mannequin photography is another true example where clipping path gets used to begin with. In order to bring everything together, parts of the entire mannequin photography are clipped out using clipping path service. Ghost mannequin service is then used to join the cut pieces together. Once the cut out items are joined together, ghost mannequin service providers then blend and retouch the image to make it look professional. Clipping path therefore is an essential part of the entire process. Not just essential element, in fact, ghost mannequin photography cannot be done without the use of clipping path.

Wide Range of other Uses of Clipping Path

There are various other uses of clipping path aside from ghost mannequin service, background removal or cut out image background. Anytime you need to isolate the object to do further processing, clipping path is used to achieve the objective of object isolation. It is therefore an essential element of entire product photography industry.

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