Can recruiters work without recruitment software?

It is simplistic to declare that recruiters can conduct their work without the help of recruitment software. In this digital world, we need every technological support that is available to us. For staffing agencies, finding the best recruitment agency software is a high-priority software solution.

What does recruitment software bring to employment agencies?

  • Organisation
  • Productivity
  • Communication
  • These are the top three advantages that comes with using both an Applicant Tracking System and a Recruitment CRM.

These are the top three advantages that come with using a recruitment CRM. This line of work is very competitive with many time-consuming activities. That’s why recruiters experience a huge surge of productivity and efficiency once they start using CRM software.

Having a central platform wherein they can store their data and control their work enables streamlined workflow. This level of organisation also drives productivity and fosters better results.

Communication is a staple for every kind of business. In the fast-paced world of recruitment, a strong communication system has a tremendous impact on the business. Candidate engagement is crucial in hiring. Thus, recruiters must pay extra attention and care to ensure that their candidates remain interested and engaged throughout the entire hiring process.

Skilled candidates are in demand. And if an agency works in niche recruitment then it is more competitive. So, it becomes vital to have a robust communication system in place. Recruitment software provides a systematic way of keeping all the communication data organised and easily accessible. It also helps ensure that all interactions are timely and that candidates are kept updated about every stage of their application. Recruiters are busy so the CRM also helps by automating emails and text messages which saves time.

What are the top features recruitment software must offer?

There are many essential features when it comes to recruitment CRM. Agencies must be aware of which ones are the most necessary for their business. It is imperative to choose the most suitable recruitment platform rather than the most popular one in the market.

And the reason for this is that every staffing agency has different business needs and goals. Even the problems they encounter are different. Such factors come into account when selecting a recruitment database platform. Therefore, decision-makers must look at each software vendor carefully before making their final choice.

The top four features of a good recruitment CRM are –

  • Robust automation

Recruiters stand to gain a lot from the automation features of a recruitment CRM system. A lot of their admin work is repetitive and tedious. By automating tasks such as CV parsing and branding, they can achieve quick, easy results in a short amount of time. This also leaves them with more time to focus on other different activities.

  • Smooth integrations

Another mark of a good recruitment software is integration with other relevant software or platforms. A big one is social media. Recruiters use the various social media networks as the springboard for candidate sourcing. Now if a CRM system integrates well with LinkedIn, recruiters can do all their work without having to waste time moving from one platform to another. There’s no need to manually copy candidate information, track messages from LinkedIn, etc. Video conferencing software is vital in remote recruiting. So it is useful to have a recruiting platform that is capable of integrating smoothly with such software. Zoom is a solid tool for video conferencing. There are other tools too. But Zoom has many extra features that other video conferencing tools don’t have. Like a teleprompter app for zoom. It enables subtitle ability during the video calling. This is outstanding.

  • Comprehensive reporting

Reports allow recruiters and their clients to have a clear understanding of the work achieved. It is important to encourage recruiters to use their recruitment software daily so that every aspect of data and the work is recorded. This is valuable to generate a concise report. Comprehensive reports help agencies note where their efforts have paid off and where their strategies need some extra work. Thus, software functionality also plays a pivotal role. If a CRM is hard to navigate then it is likely to end up unused and ignored.

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  • Passive candidate management

Talent sourcing remains a vital part of recruiting in every kind of recruitment – permanent, temporary or executive search. Passive candidates matter a great deal. Recruiters should not only rely on active job seekers. Agencies must partner with a recruitment CRM software that helps recruiters identify, source and engage passive candidates. From using social media to find such talents to ensuring that all communication is kept up to date and organised, recruitment software is highly beneficial when it comes to passive candidate management.

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