Calorie-Laden Dunkin’ Donuts Drinks That’ll Drive Your Doctor Nuts

If you’re watching your diet carefully, taking note of the calorie content and amount of sugar and sodium you consume, then good for you. Your doctor will approve. But your doctor will certainly frown upon your regular visits to Dunkin’ Donuts, even when you limit your orders to just the drinks.

Sure, a simple iced coffee order costs over $2, which isn’t bad. But some of these drinks are really bad, when you consider the calories they come with. You may also get too much sodium, sugar, or fat.

To make sure you don’t anger your doctor and break the rules of your diet, make sure that you don’t order any of these drinks

Worst Frozen Coffee Beverages

There’s really no such thing as a “good” frozen coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts. Even the healthiest option here comes with at least 370 calories with 88g of sugar and 115mg of sodium. But these are the worst monsters of the lot:

Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee with Whole Milk and Coconut Caramel Flavor

Sure, you get plenty of flavors with this tasty treat. But these flavors sure add up the calorie count. In this case, you get the 680 calories that just wrecks a regular diet of 2,000 calories per day. You also get 6g of saturated fat, which can be bad for your heart.

The 220mg of sodium doesn’t help, and neither does the 132g of sugar. That’s the same as consuming almost 19 teaspoons of honey.

Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee with Cream and Thin Mint Flavor

This one is even worse, from a healthy point of view. It comes with a monstrous 870 calories, which is more than 43% of your regular calorie intake for the day. The 17g of saturated fat is more than ¾ your daily allowance.

And then there’s the 133g of sugar. Basically, this is like adding more than 33 teaspoons of sugar to your coffee. That’s really not healthy at all.

Worst Iced Coffee Options

Iced Macchiato with Whole Milk and Caramel Swirl Flavor

You’re not doing yourself any favors with its 290 calories and 150mg of sodium. You also get 47g of sugar, which is like dumping almost 12 teaspoons of sugar into your drink.

Iced Latte with Whole Milk and Cocoa Mocha Flavor

Yes, during a hot afternoon, some iced latte is great with some cocoa mocha for some added oomph. But the milk along with the flavoring gives you 9g of saturated fat, which is more than 40% of your daily allowance.

Then there’s the sugar content, which is 52g of sugar. That’s about 13 teaspoons of sugar, and something tells us that 13 isn’t a lucky number in this case.

Iced Latte with Whole Milk and Caramel Craze Flavor

Yep, another latte ruined with some unhealthy additions. Though these additions sure add some flavor to your beverage, you’re getting 410 calories as a result. The 8g of saturated fat doesn’t help with your heart, and neither does the 190mg of sodium. As for the 57g of sugar, that’s like more than 14 teaspoons.

Iced Coffee with Cream and Caramel Swirl Flavor

Sure, you’re using cream instead of whole milk, but you still get 260 calories with 4.5g of saturated fat. The 95mg of sodium isn’t nice either, and neither is the 40g of sugar (which is the same as 10 teaspoons of sugar in your coffee.

Worst Hot Coffee Drinks

A cup of hot brewed coffee can actually be good for your health. The following options, not so much:

Hot Macchiato with Whole Milk and Coconut Caramel Flavor

Just because the macchiato here is hot doesn’t make it a healthy choice. It gives you 280 calories, 3.5g of saturated fat, 180mg of sodium, and 45g of sugar. That sugar amount is like 11 teaspoons, at least.

Cappuccino with Whole Milk and Irish Crème Flavor

When you brew your espresso beans then blend the result with steamed milk and then top things off with a thick creamy layer of foam, you get cappuccino.

You also get 280 calories, with 3.5g of saturated fat and 140mg of sodium. The 45g of sugar is also the equivalent of about 11 teaspoons of sugar.

If you really need some cappuccino, you can minimize the damage by opting for skim milk. Ask for the unsweetened version, and you can just add a teaspoon or two of sugar yourself.

Vanilla Chai or Vanilla Spice

You see “chai” on the name, and you think it’s healthy. But you’ll be wrong, as this concoction comes with 340 calories. That’s what you get when you order this otherwise delightful mix of steamed milk, spices, and vanilla flavor.

With the 7g of saturated fat, that’s more than 30% of your daily allowance. The sugar content isn’t good either, as you’re getting the same sugar amount as consuming 2 bars of Hershey’s.

Hot Latte with Whole Milk and Hazelnut Swirl Flavor

This comes with 340 calories, along with 5g of saturated fat, 170mg of sodium, and 50g of sugar. It’s a definite no-no.

Hot Latte with Whole Milk and Caramel Swirl Flavor

Changing the flavor to Caramel Swirl doesn’t solve your problem, either. You still get 340 calories with 5g of saturated fat. The sodium increases to 180mg, and so does the sugar at 52g.

Hot Latte with Whole Milk and Cocoa Mocha Flavor

At 400 calories, this is like an entire meal if you’re on a diet. You’re also not helping yourself with the 9g of saturated fat, 160mg of sodium, and 52g of sugar.

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