Best WordPress plugins in 2021

In today’s topic, we will talk about some of the best free WordPress plugins in 2021.

We all know that plugins are necessary for our WordPress site for it to work faster and more efficiently, and for us to have more possibilities.

I will briefly introduce you to some of the best free WordPress plugins in 2021 that you can add to your WordPress website. I hope you will enjoy it.

WP Reset

The WP Reset plugin is very secure and efficient, so you can restore desired settings with one click. There are multiple security mechanisms, so you can’t accidentally lose your data.

This plugin also offers you a PRO version that is not expensive at all and for just a few dollars you can have multiple options.

WP 301 Redirects

The WP 301 Redirects plugin allows you to get neat links without any problems and errors such as 404 errors, or broken links.

If we are replacing some things on a website, it is necessary to replace all previous links, and with the help of this plugin that is super easy.

You have the option of using the PRO version for only a few bucks, where you will be delighted by the many features of this plugin.


Under construction pages serve to show visitors a clear message that the site is offline or that site is in preparation for release.

You also have a PRO version of this plugin that offers 50 additional features and options including drag & drop option, one-click configuration, high-resolution image upload, and one-click contact form and video addition.

Simple Author Box

The Simple Author Box plugin adds a responsive box for the author at the end of our posts. It displays the author’s name and surname, their Gravatar, and a description/biography of the author who wrote the post.

The plugin is very efficient and in addition to that, it offers a premium version that is very cheap where you can expect all the features.

WP Sticky

Need a sticky menu, sticky header, or to make anything else sticky? This is the right plugin for you. You can make any element from your page sticky. Buy this plugin and you can have even a PRO version for a very cheap price.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO allows us to better rank our website in the search engines. If you want to rank your site and be popular, then Yoast SEO can help you do that.

Yoast SEO has helped many companies to develop their sites in terms of SEO.

External Links

With the capabilities of this plugin, you will certainly be able to manage and control your internal and external links on your website. With it, you can check every link on the page, whether the link is broken or deleted. External Links will help you save hours and hours you would lose by manually checking each link on the site.


WordPress is almost unthinkable without using a single plugin, and as you saw in today’s article, we have many very useful plugins that can make our work easier and give the site popularity. So, I hope some of these plugins will be useful for your website.

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