Best Sporting Activities Played on the Beach

Australia is a country with a great beach culture, summer days or holidays are filled with trips to the beach and relaxing on the sand in a remote location. Many people dream about The Whitsundays and the amazing beaches on offer, but in Australia you don’t have to dream about it. Just think about it! You’re sailing The Whitsundays with Wings, going from island to island finding the best beach. The sun is shining, and work is as far from the mind as possible. The only thing that could make the day better is some fun beach activities. But which activity is best on the beach?

Beach Soccer 

Why not play the most popular sport in the world on the sand with no shoes? Feel the sand run through your toes as you play with friends. FIFA actually launched a Beach Soccer World Cup back in 2005, and fans flock to enjoy the unpredictable nature of the sport. With very little bounce, beach soccer players are extremely talented, but nothing is stopping you from grabbing a ball and having a kick around on the sand. 

Beach Volleyball 

Of course, it’s impossible to ignore one of the biggest and best beach sporting activities on the planet. With volleyball, you have a sport that combines exercise with teamwork (and lots of fun!). As long as you have a net, you’ll soon find other beachgoers joining in. 


Moving away from the Olympic-style events, who doesn’t love throwing around a frisbee while on the beach? This is something that you can play with a friend, partner, or even children. Due to the shape, it might take some time to learn the technique of throwing and catching, but the whole family will have fun in the meantime. It’s not too taxing physically, and it helps to boost hand-eye coordination. 

Beach Cricket

As one of the biggest sports in Australia, you might need to tweak the rules a little but there’s no reason why you can’t play cricket on the sand. Put some stumps into the sand, grab your bat and ball, and you’re away. Like volleyball, this is a game that everyone enjoys. After setting up, it won’t be long before you get people asking to join in, but be careful, that cricket ball has been known to damage the dentals. Catching a cricket ball to the mouth will have you visiting Bobby Chhoker dentist bondi beach before you know it. 

Beach Flags 

It’s time to move away from the known sports entirely and talk about beach flags. If you haven’t played this game previously, you’re missing out. Like musical chairs, the idea is to plant one fewer flag into the sand than the number of players. If you have five players, put four flags into the sand. Play some music, stop, and then players need to race to get a flag before they all go – the one without a flag is eliminated, and you proceed to the next round. 

If you don’t have access to music, have all players slowly walking away from the flags. Then, at a random point, shout ‘NOW’ and watch as they scramble for a flag. 

Beach Rugby 

Pack the rugby ball, and you can have a game along the beach; as long as you’re respectful of other beachgoers, you can mark out a small pitch and get started. Even if you only have one or two to a team, rugby is a fun sport and doesn’t take much to play. Don’t expect full scrums and line-outs, but touch (or tag) rugby will work brilliantly on the beach. 

Kite Flying 

Finally, kite flying is a suggestion for those with kids (and big kids!). It’s challenging to find a child who doesn’t like watching kites fly and even trying it themselves. Why not invest in a small kite and allow them to get started on your next beach trip? Soon enough, they’ll learn how to keep the kite flying even as the wind changes, and you won’t be able to stop the smile from their faces. 

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