Best rated branded slot games 

In the past two decades the traditional slots game has undergone dramatic transformations and is now leading in both the gaming and the gambling world. This level of success is namely due to the emergence of branded slot games. Branded slot games are slot games based on a popular subject whether it be a video game, a movie, or an historic event. In this article we will offer you a list of the cream of the crop of branded slot games and help find the right one for you. 

Finding the best slot game for you

When finding the right online slot game for you it is important to consider what game you are likely to enjoy the most. This is where branded slot games come in strong, they offer you immersive gameplay around your favorite subjects. But finding the best branded slot game for you can sometimes be tricky and entertainment is not the only value one should look at when trying to pick the right branded slot game. 

Return to player percentage is a value that discloses to the player how much return they should expect during one session.

Paylines are very important as the number of paylines you have actively determines your probability of winning.

The amount of reels on your slot is also essential to get right as they too affect your probability of hitting the jackpot. 

Top 3 of the best branded video game slots in 2021

In the following section you will find the top 3 branded video game slots.

1. Jurassic Park

If you are a lover of the franchise or just an adrenaline junky, the Jurassic Park online slot game will get your blood pumping. The volatility of the game is between medium to high and offers a return to  player percentage of 96.6 percent which is a really good prospect!

2. Vikings

Vikings being one of the most popular fantasy series of the decade, after Game of Thrones of course, it is no surprise that it attracts a wide audience. But what makes them stay? As far as gameplay it is rated as one of the most enjoyable branded slot games out there, but it doesn’t end here. Vikings boasts a 96.68 return to player percentage if 5 to 7 reels and up to 271 paylines. 

3. Guns and Roses

This game is very popular and is found in most online casinos today. In this formidable tribute to legends of rock the player benefits from a 91 percent return to player percentage with medium volatility and up to 50 paylines. 

Tips and Strategies 

Don’t fall prey to those who claim you can cheat or hack the machine with simple tricks, it doesn’t work. However, there is a simple way to improve your chance of winning, and that is by finding the right RTP as stated previously, the return to player percentage or RTP is a value that determines what kind of returns the player should expect when playing. If an RTP is around 96 percent that means for every dollar you bet you get 95 cents back.

A pro tip is to hunt for the machine with no less than 97 return to player percentage.

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