Best Practices For Retargeted Marketing Campaigns

70 out of every 100 potential customers leave a brand’s website without buying a product. This is why retargeted marketing campaigns are essential for enabling visitors to purchase from your company.

It involves marketing specific products to visitors after they leave your website without buying. The ads are designed to prompt potential customers to purchase from you.

You may also use automated direct mails for your retargeted marketing campaigns. If you want to use this marketing method, here are the four best practices to help you.

1. Segment Your Audience

Segmentation is integral to digital marketing because it allows you to be more organized. You can also target the audience better by segmenting the customers. The top way to do this is by understanding an individual’s behavior.

This will help you segment customers by their time spent on your website. It also considers the pages a potential buyer visited. Time is another factor that you can use for segmenting. It involves targeting customers according to the time they last visited your site.

People who visited your website recently will receive different messages than those who haven’t. The final factor that affects segmenting is your existing audience. Using purchase history or the list of automated direct mails, you can separate customers by excluding first-time buyers.

2. Balance The Campaign

Showing too many ads to your potential customer will be counter-effective because it will annoy the buyer. So they may get frustrated by the same ad displaying frequently and decide not to purchase from you. Similarly, not showing enough ads to buyers will allow them to forget your brand easily.

This is why you must ensure a good balance in the marketing campaign. Typically, displaying 15 to 20 ads or impressions to a visitor is best for capturing their attention. Anything above this average value will harm your marketing campaign.

You can market to your audience by using ads, custom automated direct mails, newsletters, and much more. The correct balance between the ads will help you enjoy better results.

3. Use A Burn Pixel

This is an essential feature that you must use to avoid ineffective marketing. Visitors don’t hate getting ads for items they long for. However, they do get frustrated when the advertisement is about a product they have already bought. 

If your visitors experience this issue, your retargeted marketing campaigns will not be helpful. Luckily, you can prevent this problem by using burn pixels. This is a code snippet that you can add to your website’s “Thank you” page after the customer places an order.

The burn pixel untags the buyer after they purchase a specific item. This prevents the person from receiving ads about a product they already have. It will also help you save money on unnecessary impressions.

4. Optimize Your Ads And Pages

You must optimize your landing pages and ads to ensure the visitor is getting the best exposure. This will prevent the person from getting tired of your impressions and ignoring them purposely. The first thing that will help you is setting a limit to balance the number of ads.

Rotating your ads will also help you because it prevents the visitor from getting bored. Three to five versions of an ad with the same conversion goals will help. 

You should also use split testing to improve leads through landing pages. It will allow you to know which ad will do better so that you can perform effective retargeted marketing.

Final Words

These are the four best practices for retargeted marketing campaigns. Remembering them will help you target your audience easily and enjoy better conversions. You can market the product to a visitor through ads, landing pages, automated direct mails, and much more.

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