Best guide to writing an essay if you’re short on time

Being short on time means you have no time to waste, so you better eliminate all the distractions and only focus on how to get your essay done as quickly as possible. Firstly, if you don’t have the motivation for it, unfortunately, you won’t be able to do it. You’ll have to get the motivation and desire to finish the essay somehow, it will allow you to work even harder towards finishing the essay. There are many helpful tools online you can use to complete your essays such as this website that writes essays for you but, I’d suggest writing your essay although you can take a little help from them such as doing the research part and all.

The fastest you can write an essay is in 1 hour but that is only if you’re fast with your researching skills. Extensive research is required when writing an essay because you will need at least 5 main ideas for each paragraph of the essay and with that, you will also be forming support sentences to support your ideas so that they make sense. But this is only possible if you’re researching skills are good. You should always use reliable sources of information when writing an essay because if you use fake information, you might get an F. Your teachers are smart and they can easily tell if the information is fake or legit. Before giving you the topic, they do all the research themselves too so that if a student tries to fake the information, they would know.

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Also, if you live with your family or friends, tell them not to disturb you until you’re done with your research and if your family members are too loud, try going to a coffee shop or library to write your essay as they are known to be the most peaceful spots you can work at. Try doing this and if even these two don’t work, you can just sit in school after your class and finish the essay there.

Here is the guide to writing an essay when you’re short on time;

When researching your topic, try to ask a friend for help because this part usually takes the longest and another set of eyes can speed up the work. Make sure you gather 5 main ideas and 5 support sentences so that your main ideas don’t look meaningless. These points will be used in each paragraph, that’s why you will be gathering 5 main ideas for each paragraph.

You won’t have the time to draft after you’re done the research so just straight get to writing. Although, if you think you have enough time, you can draft the essay on blank paper or a computer. This will make things easier for you when you get to the writing part.

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Make sure you’re using a computer to write your essay because they usually have editing tools installed in them. This way you won’t have to proofread your essay as the editing tool will be identifying all your mistakes and will also be autocorrecting them. You won’t have to waste any time correcting the mistakes. Once you’re done writing the essay, you can print it out as you will have to submit in the paper form.

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