The summers can leave you feeling exasperated with the heat outside. Coming back home is a zen moment where you want to unwind and let go. Having the wrong set of bed sheets can ruin this experience and turn your bed into a place of restlessness and discomfort

Having an improper bedsheet will also mar the sleep quality and dwindle your beauty sleep. Hence, invest in a good pair of bedsheets to stimulate calm and peaceful vibrations. The situation during winters is utterly paradoxical because we want denser fabrics to snuggle in.

Although we all use air conditioning, summers call for more airy fabrics. Bed sheets come in numerous shapes and sizes, catering to different seasons and audiences. Pick one that suits your purpose. Avoid fabrics that do not soak in the sweat and stick to the skin.

It should be light and porous materials that allow air to pass through. A dextrous fabric selection is vital. Fabrics like linen percale cotton and eucalyptus are favorite summer picks.


1) Linen

It is a superior choice during the scorching summers because it is a natural, airy, and organic fabric. Not only does it bring home comfort, but it is also ideal for aesthetic purposes. Linen fabrics envelop a certain versatility that adapts throughout all seasons. It helps people maintain a calm posture during the night.

2) Cotton

Cotton is a front-runner fabric with its brilliant qualities. Cotton is affordable, durable, breathable, and, most importantly, free from chemicals. It soaks in all the excess moisture and keeps you cool through the night. Most cotton bedsheets are large and evade the troubles of retucking.

3) Viscose

Another natural fabric, viscose, is made from bamboo and is an ideal pick for summers. It is supple and lightweight. Many shoppers can resonate with sleeping on a cloud while resting on a viscose bedsheet. It is another type of silk and is machine-wash-friendly. It is challenging to relapse to any other fabric once you’ve slept on a viscose bed sheet.

4) Percale

Percale bed sheets are absolutely cotton in nature. They bring our hotel-room cravings to come to life. Their crispness is therapeutic and relaxing. Most homes invest in percale bed sheets owing to their simple and classic features. They are also easier to style.

5) Tencel

Tencel fabrics are moisture soaking and softly tactile. They offer a wide array of colors and sizes to fit different mattresses. Usually opt for a bigger size, because tucking bigger bedsheets is easier. It also dwindles the trouble of retucking them every day.

6) Striped bed sheets

They are a prolific choice and found in nearly every household. They keep you cool during the summers and prevent the sides from getting undone often. They tend to stay put and are also ideal for the winters. By preference, invest in bedsheets that will work throughout all seasons to save money and space.

7) Cool max sheets

As the name suggests, cool max sheets serve the purpose of keeping people chill through the night. They are either made from polyester or other microfibres and soak in the extra moisture to allow that baby-like sleep. Breathable fabrics are unparalleled because they support an outstanding experience.


These are some of the best picks for the summer to keep you cool and comfortable.

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