Best CBD Patches for Pain in 2021

In everyone’s daily activities, we are all prone to getting injured. Whether a mild injury, you may opt to use a CBD patch that will help relax your muscles faster as compared to using other form of medication. Nonetheless, CBD patches are found at an extra cost, however, their effectiveness is without a question the better option. In terms of introducing cannabidiol products, CBD patches are by far the best combined with the modern technological techniques. If you are looking for a trusted source to buy  CBD patches, you can check Botanicam.

CBD patches work by placing them on the painful area. Later, the heat from your body will allow the stimulation of CBD products from the patch through a concentration gradient to the skin and later to the bloodstream.  In case of any irritability, you can easily remove the CBD patch. Moreover, CBD patches last for only 24 hours providing a full successive day relief. The CBD patch works its magic throughout the day and is more effective compared to the use of CBD oils which require regular application. In this article you will be able to understand some of the best CBD patches that will help ease your pain and also some of the reasons why CBD patches are much better compared to other techniques in pain relief. 

How Do CBD patches Work? 

Before we get to the various types of CBD patches, it is suitable to have a small background check of how CBD patches really work. The skin cells contain lipids, cannabinoids are also considered as lipids, and thus they will have swift penetration into the human skin. Therefore, once you patch yourself, the CBD diffuses into the blood vessels and later gets into contact with the endocannabinoid system. After the introduction of CBD into the bloodstream, it comes into contact with receptors which will aid in enhancing the therapeutic effects that relieve pain. Unlike the use of CBD oils or CBD tablets, CBD patches dissolve faster in the body as they don’t require metabolic breakdown for them to enter the bloodstream. 

Best CBD Patches for Pain Relief 

Below are some of the very best CBD patches that can aid in pain relief. This CBD patches are also commonly allocated in the global market. 

  • Social CBD 100 mg Transdermal CBD Patch 

Social CBD is one of the outstanding brands around the world who specialize in the manufacture of CBD patches and CBD related products. Social CBD tests its products five rounds before mass production. With various research categories attained, the CBD patches are assured to be effective to the consumers. 

Outstanding Features

The CBD patches are manufactured by polymer blend and CBD hemp extract. Also, they may be available in various options of 20, 60, or 100 mg. Social CBD patches are less effective to sweat and water hence they can stay attached for 24 hours. 


  • They can be acquired from various dosages depending on the use
  • Are sweat and waterproof
  • Have high potency 
  • Strictly tested from various labs to prove their effectivity
  • 100% plant based


  • They take up to 60 minutes before they start working after patching 
  • May enhance fatigue 
  • Social CBD patches may also alter your appetite if used more frequently 

CBD Living 60 mg CBD Patch 

As from the name, CBD living is not like any other CBD patch. It is longer lasting and also durable. The CBD living company was established in 2013 and has maintained its place among the elite companies for quite a while. Its CBD products are manufactured using the nano-technology which reduces the CBD compounds on the patch to small droplets that are easily absorbed by the body. 

Outstanding Features

As stated earlier, the CBD living 60 mg lasts up to 96 hours from the time it is patched on. This provides extended relief and satisfactory results from pain. The 60 mg CBD patch also contains various products on its production. 


  • Sold on a fair trade 
  • Products are organically grown 


  • It’s not produced with other options apart from the 60 mg 

Hemps Bombs Two-Count CBD Pain Patches 

Hemp Bombs Company is a production company for the two-count pain patches that are manufactured with no THC. Two-count CBD pain patches contain 50 mg of CBD. 

Outstanding Features 

Hemp bombs two-count CBD pain patches offer up to 12 hours of relief. Nonetheless, every patch contains 4% lidocaine that enables a warm soothing relief on the point of application. 


  • Sustainably grown
  • Has a reasonable pricing compared to other CBD patches


  • Last for only 12 hours

The Good Patch 20 mg Hemp Queen CBD Patch 

The good patch 20 mg hemp queen CBD patch is produced with organically grown industrial hemp and other plants ingredients. The company is only detailed in CBD patches production. 

Outstanding Features

The 20 mg hemp queen CBD patch does not contain any sulfates, synthetic, latex, artificial dyes, colors and are non- GMO. The good patch manufactures 20 mg of premium hemp for its consumers. 


  • Contains other formulations
  • Contains natural organic products 
  • Works for 8 to 12 hours 


  • It is highly priced

Buying Guide 

THC content; when buying any CBD patch, make sure to check that the THC levels are lower than 0.3%. This will reduce the chances of feeling ‘’high’’. 

Length of time you can wear the CBD patch; to get the value of your money, you will need to look for a CBD patch that can last more than 48 hours after patching. Also, the CBD patch should be sweat proof and waterproof to avoid wearing out.

Third- party testing; not many people pay attention to the third-party testing when acquiring CBD patches, however, it is crucial so that you may understand the legibility of your product. 

Effects; when getting a CBD patch, you are opting to have a pain relief product, and therefore, you should consider the symptoms that it will have after application. This will help save your money and your suffering.


As stated in this article, you have come across some of the best CBD pain relieve patches. These patches are also commonly acquired from various markets around the world. Hence, it is advisable to use CBD patches to relieve yourself from any pain and discomfort unlike applying other CBD products. CBD patches are reliable for ultimate healing within a couple of hours. 

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