Best Cat Breeds for Single People

The life of a single has its good and bad sides, as well as the life of each of us. Just because someone lives alone doesn’t mean that they are lonely, but that they have complete freedom to arrange their lives the way they want. And if they find some room for a pet in that solitude, a cat is an ideal choice.

More on the choice of pet and the owner’s personality read below:

It is already known that pets complete people’s lives. Unlike dogs, cats are not attention seekers (at least not all the time), and don’t ask for too much of your time. Yet, they also need some care. But keep in mind that its level may differ in different breeds. Do some research and find a feline to fit your lifestyle.

Long or Short Hair?

Which breed to choose depends on how much time and will you have to dedicate to your pet. Not only will you have to look at the personalities of different breeds and find out what ones would best suit your personality, but you will also want to consider whether you want a long or short-haired cat.

Some long-haired breeds are pretty easy-going and good-natured. They can be great companions for single people due to their mild personality. Yet, they require more care because of their long, thick fur. So if you are bored by the fact that you will find a bunch of hair in the apartment every time, still opt for a shorthair cat.

Russian Blue Beauty

There is an excellent reason why the owners call these kittens the Blue Angels. Besides beautiful fur of unusual color, they have a calm and peaceful character. Blue Russians are very quiet and patient, making them ideal for someone who is not used to having pets around.

The fur of this Blue beauty doesn’t require special care. It’s enough to brush it once a week and remove fallen hair if any. Whenever you have time, these cats will enjoy the massage. This breed is not prone to genetically inherited diseases. With adequate care and nursing, these felines can live a very long time, up to 20 years.

Russian Blues are intelligent and eager to please, but they are also a little fragile. They could have some behavior problems that can make it a challenge for any owner to maintain. Still, these issues are usually overcome with proper training and an adequate amount of exercise. Do that while they’re kittens, and you’ll have peace of mind later.

Funny British Shorthair

If you are looking for a calm, docile pet, then the British Shorthair is a great choice. Their build is large and robust, so that these felines will require a little more space. If you spend a lot of time outside the home, they will be grateful for it. Still, despite their chubbiness, they don’t lack skills. In fact, these cats are great hunters.

When they get bored of lying down, these cats need something to play with. It’s advisable to leave them plenty of toys to entertain them. British Shorthair hates boredom and monotony, but they won’t show that on your things and furniture. These cute chubbies will eagerly await you because they occasionally want your attention and some love.

Ragdolls are Great Companions

The most popular cat breed for single people, and probably the type of cat you are looking for, is the Ragdoll. These cats are very easy to care for and make wonderful pets. They are gentle and non-shedding and don’t require much grooming, despite long hair. The primary care they need is food and water, as well as regular baths.

Ragdoll is a highly intelligent breed that you can easily train to do anything desired. These cats enjoy cuddling and have one of the most wonderful characters in the feline world. They would constantly lie in your lap, nap, purr, and just enjoy your touch. If you want a bundle of love and cuddles after a hard day, Ragdoll is the breed for you.

Brave Guard – Maine Coon

If you want a cat with gorgeous fur and are ready to take good care of it, think of getting a Maine Coon. It’s an excellent breed for people who want to know and understand the importance of caring for a cat. These felines have a lustrous coat that is silky, smooth, and waterproof. Tips for taking care of their fur see here.

These gentle giants don’t need an ample amount of human contact and exercise and are not overly demanding. Maine Coons are famous for their good nature, friendly disposition, and long life spans.

The Maine Coons are great guards. Nature has endowed them with a unique ‘instrument’ on their ears – hairs that act as seismic motion detectors. They will warn you of possible danger (or what they consider a danger), so these cats are great protectors. But since they don’t meow often, they’d instead jump on you as a warning.

Finding the best cat breed for single people does not have to be a difficult task. Taking into consideration your lifestyle and budget will help you narrow down the choices. Talk with other pet lovers and vets to see which breeds are the best option for you. Once you have made your decision and gather enough information, you will be ready to take care of your new furry companion.

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