Bed bugs and their symptoms – How should you eliminate them from your bedroom?

Bed bugs are feared by most people. Even the slightest mention of bedbugs sends a cold chill down your spine. What is the reason behind this frightening feeling? Well, it is never a fun experience to have a hotel room or your home infested with bedbugs. Bed bug infestation is a big hassle but it is never an impossible task to resolve this issue.

While several local bed bug control companies send you the most skilled people who are experts in eliminating bed bugs, you need to understand the root cause of the infestation. 

Potential signs your bed is infested with bed bugs

Are you still not sure whether or not there are bed bugs in your bed? Check out the list of clear signs of bed bugs. 

  • Bunch of reddish spots or bites: These spots might appear in a small area of your skin or they can even appear in a fine line
  • Itchy red spots: These spots are often dark in the middle as that is the point of the bedbug mouth. 
  • Red stains on your bedsheet: This is the sign that shows your bitten skin being in direct contact with the bedsheet.
  • Small dark spots of the fecal matter: Their fecal matter spots can be found on carpets, bedding, mattresses, and upholsteries. 

Getting rid of bed bugs – Know the tricks

In case the infestation of bed bugs is not widespread, there are ways in which you can totally get rid of them.

  • Declutter: some bed bugs hide beneath spots in your home or bedroom, they’ll soon start shifting to a new location where you might easily be able to get rid of them. 
  • Vacuum clean often: Focus only on the areas where they can live or hide, especially near the cracks around your flooring or crevices near the mattresses, bed frame, or box spring. Throw away the vacuum content when you’re done so that they don’t keep coming back again. 
  • Wash the bedding on high heat: Temperatures that are above 122 degrees Fahrenheit can have a deadly impact on bed bugs. Hence, whenever you wash the bedding and clothes with hot water and detergent, dry them on the highest heat and set them on the dryer.
  • Scrub the mattresses and upholstery: By scrubbing the seams of mattresses and all the upholsteries, it is possible to scrape away any bugs or eggs that might be present in the furniture crevices. 
  • Freeze bedding material: Apart from subjecting bed bugs to extremely high heat, you can also freeze them to death. Hence you can put the bedding in the freezer for a few days and leave them till the temperature is really low. 
  • Seal cracks in your wallpaper or paint: This gives bed bugs fewer places to hide, 

In case you’ve already tried the strategies given above but you haven’t got worthwhile results, it is time to call a pro. Professional bed bug exterminators leverage a combination of pesticides, chemicals, heat, or steam to eliminate infestations. 

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