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Bangladeshi woman making home improvement by doing domestic work

Many women in Queens are earning a living by delivering food at home. Samia Swarna is one of them. Samia has been starting this business in this country for three years. Samia’s children were going to college, but this pandemic Corona is unable to find work. I was leaving the house. One day I saw a group on Facebook where home-made food is being ordered. Samia liked the idea. In today’s busy world, many people do not have the opportunity to cook at home every day, and many do not even want to eat hotel food every day. Samia started cooking at home with small orders and delivering food to people’s homes. Thus, one day, she started his catering work.

People of all ages, especially students, can work for home improvement. 

This business opportunity is more in the area adjacent to the college-university. Many students who come to study from outside the city do not want to cook daily, so they rely on home delivery. Also, many small families rely on home delivery meals for their daily needs. Nusrat Jahan lives on Long Island. Rockmart, an online food-making page, loves to make cakes, cookies, cakes made by Nusrat on birthdays and anniversaries of relatives and friends. So, the demand for oven-fresh bakery items is huge, and if it can be delivered to the buyer’s house, then there is no point. He has created a special specialty for the consumers by making new recipes.

Possible to make home improvement by using social media besides studying

It is possible to earn a good income by sitting at home by learning the subject of your choice online, such as painting, dancing, singing, studying, playing musical instruments or language. You can determine based on your skills and interests.

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