Baby capsules: A convenient and cost-effective solution

Getting a newborn from the hospital into the comfort of your home can be a challenging task. Infants are extremely delicate; travelling with them requires a lot of preparation and setting. With the introduction of baby capsules, this job has become far more convenient. Parents not only use capsules to bring their newborns home but also prefer travelling in them with their infants as it is extremely safe and comfortable. 

Australia produces one of the best quality capsules in the market. Their capsules are intuitive, trustworthy, and the cosiest ones available in the world. In 1984 capsules became essential for young parents. Australian public hospitals refused to allow infants to travel in cars without baby capsules. Since 1984 over million babies have been protected by the baby safety capsule. 

Benefits of a baby capsule: 

Peace of mind: With the birth of a baby, a lot is going on in the parent’s parent’s mind, especially about the journey back home with the baby. The main concern is transporting the baby most safely and comfortably possible. Since capsules are rear-facing, your newborn is secure as they travel back home. The assurance that your infant is safe and snug give parents peace of mind and a stress-free journey. 

Improved flexibility: Unlike car seats, baby capsules click onto the base of the car. The base of the capsule stays fixed, but the capsule itself can be transferred into and out of the car based on the need. Although most parents prefer keeping the capsule in the car, they can be moved. These can also be fixed into different vehicles, giving you increased flexibility and ease of movement. Another major benefit of owning these capsules is that they can be fixed onto strollers that provide the option to hold a capsule. 

Comfort and convenience: The ability to easily transfer the capsule from the vehicle into the house and elsewhere while the baby is asleep makes it extremely convenient for parents as well as the newborn. Moreover, moving a baby during rain or snow may sound like an exceptionally challenging and tiring job. Nevertheless, baby capsules ease up this process and keep the baby dry and comfortable at all times. 

Cost-efficient: Since these capsules can be used in a variety of ways, the need for multiple seats is drastically reduced, thus saving money. Since your newborn needs the capsule only for the first few months or at max a year, they can be reused within the family in case of the arrival of a new baby. They also can be distributed to someone else who might need them, once again saving them the time and money required to select and buy a new one. 

Capsules offer easy installation and portability, and air protect technology for added safety and comfort. They also have breathable fabric keeping your child cool while they are in. 

Safety tips that must be considered while handling a baby capsule: 

  • Always pay close attention to the instructions about installing the capsule. 
  • Always tie loose parts of the restraint and make sure that the harness straps are firm, while a seat belt should be anchoring the base of the capsule. 
  • The top tether must always be used for all car seats and capsules. 
  • The restaurants should never be altered or adjusted. Furthermore, they should never come in contact with bleaches, oils or any other chemicals. 
  • If any defect is absorbed in the capsule, immediately take it to a certified manufacturer for repair.

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