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By installing a burglar alarm, we can completely solve the problem of protecting your home during the absence of owners. Before proceeding ajax systems burglar alarm with the installation of this device you should understand the diversity and diversity of the modern alarm market. We will find out later how to choose and install a burglar alarm in the apartment;

  • Anti-theft alarm device and design
  • A safety alarm system consists of three components, which are shown as follows:
  • Receiving and control equipment
  • Lock sensor
  • Operation type device
  • The lock sensor acts as a device for capturing and responding to changes in the state of the apartment.

According to the principle of operation, sensors are divided into devices:

  • Infrared type,
  • Radio wave type,
  • Vibration type,
  • Capacitive type,
  • Magnet type,
  • beam type,
  • Acoustic type

Depending on the purpose of use, the sensors are distinguished:

  • Change in temperature, humidity
  • Opening, closing the door,
  • Window sensor,
  • Motion sensor,
  • Flood sensor, etc.

The main function of the sensor is to control certain parameters and transmit a signal to the receiving device. Receiving and control type devices monitor and control all sensors and then transmit the signal to the operated device. The actuator notifies the owner of the apartment or security service about a fault or change in some parameters of the sensors.

How the burglar alarm works

The apartment burglar alarm scheme depends on the operation of the sensor:

  • Magnetic contact type, which is mounted on a window or door and signals the owner to open
  • Volume sensor – is responsible for changing the movement.

Window break sensor

The principle of operation of the burglar alarm is to record changes in the sensor parameters. Depending on the program, the loop state will change and a signal is sent to the control device and received. The KPU will turn on the siren or notify the owner of the violation using SMS or an automatic call. To disable the system you must enter a special password. Additional functions can be used, such as automatically turning on the lights in the apartment, locking the door, turning off some devices.

Advantages of installing a burglar alarm

  1. Installing a burglar alarm in the apartment will allow you to worry about the safety of material costs in the absence of the owner.
  2. Numerous alarm systems allow you to choose a device according to the needs and characteristics of the apartment.
  3. Automatic alarm system does not require additional investment to pay monthly fees to security institutions.

Various alarm systems for apartments

About installation method Security alarms are distinguished:

  • Wired type,
  • Wireless type
  • A wired alarm system consists of several sensors connected around the perimeter using cables. This system has several disadvantages:
  • Damage to one area causes a malfunction of the entire system.
  • Installation of such an alarm requires repair to install cables.

Wireless systems are more popular and consist of battery-operated sensors. The battery lasts 9 to 12 months, no additional repairs or special knowledge is required to repair the sensor. It is enough to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The notification types are as follows.

  • Signal as a siren
  • GSM alarm system

An alarm in the form of an audible siren can scare off thieves and attract only the attention of neighbors. A wireless alarm or GSM is a set of sensors that send an alarm signal to a monitoring device and a receiver. This device sends a signal about the malfunction of the sensor to the apartment owner.

 GSM alarm system in an apartment:

  • Automatic SMS or call alerts will help you to respond quickly to the signal.
  • A wide range of sensors will help you choose the right device for the individual needs of the consumer.
  • Indoor repairs are not required.
  • A high level of burglary protection guarantees the safety and stability of tangible assets.
  • The ability to transmit not only but to a single member but also to many, including to the city number
  • Some models can transmit signals not only to the owner but also fire and security services

With respect to the recipient the security system is outstanding:

  • Free,
  • Serve.

In the first case, a signal about a violation is directed to the apartment owner. During the use of the automatic alarm system, the signal is sent to a special security service in which case the customer will conclude an agreement in advance. In this case, you must pay a monthly security fee.

  1. Before buying a burglar alarm for an apartment you should decide on the type of security system.
  2. The best option for an alarm system is GSM.
  3. Select multiple sensors that respond to not just one parameter but also respond to changes in different environments.
  4. To ensure the independence of the system from electric current. Battery-operated sensors should be used.
  5. When protecting large material costs It is recommended to install video and audio surveillance systems.
  6. If the apartment is far from the network towers or there is a communication problem for the GSM system, it is necessary to purchase an additional amplifier.
  7. Some systems can immediately photograph the truth of the offense and send photos to apartment owners in MMS format
  8. To ensure reliable anti-theft protection. It is recommended to contact the special security organization responsible for the safety of the property.
  9. If you want to install the alarm manually choose a system with detailed installation instructions.
  10. Requirements for a high-quality alarm system:
  • Availability of certificates of compliance with all norms and laws
  • Manufacturer’s warranty,
  • Long service life,
  • High-quality materials used to make the system
  • The external alarm cannot be turned off

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