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Are You Selling Digital Products Online? Here Are 3 SEO Basics to Boost Your Revenue and Traffic

Digital products exist entirely online, meaning that to reach out to your prospective clients, you need to rise from the crowd.

Since the popularity of e-commerce, search engine optimization or SEO appeared to be a code tough to crack. But seo company Washington dc experts know it is an essential marketing tactic that every website should consider if they want to be discovered in search engines.

But digital product business owners don’t know how to maximize their visibility and exposure via SEO. The good news is there are several effective tricks you can immediately learn to master SEO and boost your digital product store to the peak.

How much does SEO cost in Washington DC?

The cost of your seo company Washington dc campaign will be dependent on the type of search engine optimization services you require. Local and national SEO have different price ranges. Agencies that are data-driven deliver premium services and backed by safety guarantees and demand upwards of $2000 monthly. As with the majority of services, you get what you pay for. Therefore, cheaper agencies might be delivering less valuable services.

1. Research your keywords

When narrowing down your keywords, keep in mind that the more specific you get, the better chances you have to earn high rankings.

The reason is single broad keywords come with plenty of competition. For example, it is too general if you utilize the keyword “flowers”. Results can range from floral design, flower patterns, and botanical information.

In contrast, a long-tailed keyword such as “floral design Washington DC” is specific. It can effectively produce accurate results for floral designers in the state. There is less competition with other websites since the number of floral designers in Washington DC is limited than the many topics covered by the term flowers.

When establishing your website in the US, you might be confused about the unlimited domains available. If you are deliberating between a .us and a .com, you might believe that a .us is more US-oriented. But this is a wrong assumption when factoring in SEO. Since the .com domain is an international one, Google evaluates its better. Moreover, a .com enables you to reach out to other English-speaking countries.

2. User intent

When it comes to your digital product website, user intent can affect the content you produce. When you factor in the concerns your target audience has, it will help you gather ideas for articles, blog posts, videos, and even product types that are attractive and appealing to your customer. When you come up with fresh and meaningful content that matches user needs, you can successfully integrate user intent into your SEO efforts.

3. Links

It is essential to earn links to establish your digital products’ authority within your industry and rank high in search results. Links are one of the core factors for ranking in Google. This is directly related to how the newer algorithms analyze web pages. Although content is still critical, the number of links routed to a page is also essential.

Remember that mobile websites are a must-have to your Washington DC audience. The number of people in the US who use mobile phones is rising each year. Therefore, if you want your website to perform well in the US market, a small screen friendly user interface is key.

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