Apple iPhone X: The Good and Bad

Apple iPhone has been in the market and performing its best for a long time now. It is one of the most demanding brands that people want to purchase and is one of the most expensive mobile phones in the market today. The main thing that people look up to while buying an iPhone is the operating system that is iOS and then you can spot totally different groups as a whole in the market with people demanding for iOS and some other people demanding for android as well. The iPhone X was launched back in September, 2017. You can buy iPhone X online and even through off-line methods which every day you find is perfect for it. While you’re done using with your iPhone X you can sell your iPhone X and best price both online and off-line it’s will definitely profit you and benefit you if you have maintain the condition of a mobile phone.

While we look up to iPhone we have differentiated some of iPhone X with its pros and cons:-

The good

1. The display

The iPhone X features Super Retina Display with 2436×1125 resolutions with 458 pixels per inch. The display of the iPhone X is quite charming. With measuring 5.80 inches AMOLED panel multi touch display which is the newest among the iPhone. Shape wise, the display is curved at the edge forming a rectangle as a whole. Overall the display is a great attraction for bio as it gives you the best of your experiences while you are enjoying watching a video or even picture.

2. Face ID recognition

With iPhone X being the very first iPhone model with Face ID recognition to secure the mobile phone it has made its place for the iOS admirers. It is more attractive as facial recognition to secure iPhone is different than other types of security methods such as finger recognition sensor as finger recognition sensor can register more than one finger print on the device which is not happening with the face ID recognition and that is what makes it more special. You cannot only use the face ID security method for unlocking your phone but also to log into certain applications which can be customised according to your uses from the settings in your iPhone.

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3. Camera

iPhone X has two cameras on the front one which is of 12 megapixel and another one which is of seven megapixel and one of these cameras also helps in the face recognition part and the other one gives you a true depth of the clarity and quality images. At the rear we have two cameras as well both of 12 megapixels along with dual LED flash Light.

The bad

  • Still expensive

Even though the iPhone X has a lot of new added features which are quite attractive and is what a perfect phone should have but it still continues to be on the expensive list and so not a lot of people can afford buying a brand-new iPhone X. The prize and iPhone being on the expensive list right from the beginning is always been a debate if it is worth buy keeping in mind the price of a brand-new iPhone right after it is launched as a large number of people still prefers pre-booking iPhone and even buying right at the time it is launched and so it is never possible to drive to decision whether the price is being fair To a large number of audience.

  • The battery power

The battery power is still not as much as compare to many android phone as the battery capacity of iPhone X is 2914MH whereas we have a lot of android mobile phones with double the battery power or even more for affordable prices. One must always consider all of these factors depending on their choices and requirements before purchasing devices.

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For The knowledge, Apple’s official website doesn’t sell the iPhone X anymore but you can definitely buy a refurbished iPhone X or are used iPhone X which gives you the same benefits as a brand-new iPhone X. Make sure you buy it from a trustworthy and verified website such as quickmobile which will definitely help you to get the best of the iPhone X.

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