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Whenever the rainy season comes, we have to be careful of colds that will make us sick. I have to be careful with acne โฟมล้างหน้า that will make us beautiful as well. Because this rainy season is the season when the weather is very humid. Plus, before it rains, the weather will be hot and stuffy. It makes the bacteria that cause acne to grow more fully as well. Girls, it is very easy for us to get acne during the rainy season.

Although spreading an umbrella won’t help with acne. But we also have a way to take care of your skin in the rainy season that will help us get rid of acne. with the following methods.

1. Wash your face carefully.

Wash your face scaldingly, let the water go out of your face. In addition to being unclean, it can also cause acne. especially in the rainy season that sometimes the raindrops contaminated with germs hit the face We have to keep it clean more than before by washing your face in a full step, starting with using a gel or foam cleanser that is suitable for our skin type. by washing your face gently and massage the face as well to help the blood flow better

and for girls That always make up. Using Make Up Remover is indispensable. Before washing your face, wipe and sweep all the makeup that we added at the beginning of the day to get it out. It’s great to use a cleansing supplement to increase cleanliness as well. After washing your face, use the toner to wipe your face again. In order to wipe away the dirt that may still be stuck, wash it again and dry it gently with a clean tissue or handkerchief.

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  1. Choose water-based facial products that help your skin stay hydrated. And it’s not so oily that it causes acne or Non-comedogenic. This is a product that has been tested for ingredients that do not cause clogging or allergic reactions.
  2. Make it a habit to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to keep your skin hydrated.
  3. Get enough sleep. You should get at least 6-8 hours of sleep per more  : expressdigest

When you have acne, how to take care of your skin to come back?

Whenever you treat acne by yourself, it seems that it will never go away. Is it because some cleaning or step-by-step care methods don’t work properly? Tell me the secret to complete the steps to treat acne by yourself easily. and taking care of it so that it doesn’t come back again in the right way Like this, acne is gone, clear face, no need to stress again.

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Although acne is something that cannot be prevented. And may cause some annoyances when acne comes. But when the acne passes, our skin can come back to love. Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex  is extremely beneficial for those who suffers from acne. It offers high-level anti-aging benefits for the skin by attacking the root causes of skin breakdown. With a way to take care of the skin after acne disappears to come back to be beautiful as before. with the following care methods.

1. Wash your face thoroughly.

Wash your face เจลล้างหน้า regularly every morning-evening. because each day we encounter dust A lot of dirt accumulates on the surface. Plus, plus makeup that stays on our skin for a long time. If we don’t wash our face clean enough, it may cause dirt to clog our pores and skin and incubate it until we become pimples and acne scars. It’s important to wash your face to cleanse your face, don’t let your skin get clogged up. Always wash your face every day, even if you don’t wear makeup, we still have to keep it clean. Don’t neglect!

2. Use acne medication

Inflammatory acne is a prominent acne. Swelling, redness, head or pus comes out to us when there is inflammation of the skin. Do not peel or squeeze the pimples, but gradually. Apply a topical acne medication like CLINDA M to help reduce inflammation in the acne-prone skin. If points regularly will make our acne collapse. Relieve inflammation, clogged acne, acne without head, clogged under the skin, must have a trigger that causes acne to push itself out. By using products with vitamin A acid to help, such as Benzac AC is a drug that dissolves acne, stimulates sebum and clots under the skin to emerge and peel off the skin. How to use Before washing your face every 10-15 minutes, after that you can wash your face and clean normally. Regular use will help make our acne clogged disappear and stop the infection, both clogged acne and inflammatory acne.

3. Do not unpack, squeeze acne is strictly prohibited! :

Do not use your hands to touch, pick, sheep, scratch our face with acne. No matter how hard you want to squeeze it, hold on. Let the medicine and cleanliness we keep healing our skin. Because bringing our hands to touch the skin too much may cause irritation from the dirt on our hands and make us pimples until the end. including sheep Squeezing the skin in the acne area will cause the skin to inflame and spread our acne to a wider area. If our equipment and cleanliness in pressing acne is not ready, it will be more disturbing to damaged skin.

Although we all know that squeezing, picking, scratching, scratching, pimples on our faces leave marks. But we can’t help but keep our hands away from acne. “The more sheep, the more scars! Plus, it may cause acne to become more inflamed than before, increasing the percentage of your face!”

4. Avoid using soap to wash your face.

Because soap has a high pH, ​​which makes our skin very dry and tight. Until the skin produces oil to keep the skin moist. which if the skin produces more oil The more it makes the face more vulnerable to acne only.

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5. Take care of your hair, not it.

because I am the one that is near It is also the source of various pathogens. to come and touch and easy access to the face both the hairline around the edge of the face bangs on the forehead which perhaps besides the oiliness of the hair, gels, waxes, and styling sprays It has the effect of causing acne as well, so hair care is not it. By washing your hair regularly And not too many styling products. It can help avoid acne.

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6. Avoid, reduce, and quit foods that are high in fat and spicy.

Even if it’s a favorite dish But if you can avoid it, reduce it, or stop it, that would be great. This is because high-fat foods, spicy foods, can clog pores from sebum and spicy, which is the culprit in accelerating acne breakouts on the skin. Its type of food is the main trigger. that causes acne Because it is caused by the fat that is under our skin. Eating fatty foods on a regular basis tends to cause the body to excrete unnecessary fats for various forms, such as facial oiliness. It causes clogging of the pores and is the source of acne in the end. Therefore, fried food is something that people with acne should avoid or reduce. Eat in moderation, not too much to switch to nutritious foods such as boiled vegetables or fruits. Reduce oiliness, reduce acne and help nourish the skin as well.

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