Advanced email validation

The hygiene of your email list plays a huge part in the delivery race. It is crucial to keep an organized mailing list and eliminate bounced, undeliverable emails because many ISP mail servers have been known to block a sender’s email domain for sending messages to non-existing email addresses repeatedly.

The importance of data quality

A great variety of companies from all over a wide range of sectors currently depend on email as the primary manner of communicating with their clients.

For instance, it is utilized by businesses in domains such as retail, hospitality, banking, and insurance, having the role of sending confirmation of goods, services, and accounts, as well as sending offers and crucial pieces of information, and for organizations, including charities, collecting email addresses enables a quick signup procedure, allowing the user to register for an event or donate money.

What is advanced email validation compared to simple validation?

Advanced email validation verifies whether the email address written down by a user is either valid or fake. In contrast to the usual email validation agents that verify the characters and format of the text entered in the email field, the advanced email validation service confirms whether the said email address is accurate. The way this is done is by verifying whether the domain name exists and has email DNS settings configured.

An advanced email address validation service gives a considerably more detailed approach. It instantaneously gets rid of the email addresses that are invalid. It makes this utilizing a complex algorithm and a lot of rules and tests. We can say it takes on the role of the x-ray vision for email addresses, seeing much further than basic syntax in order to find shortcomings and irregularities in the address that are not evident to the bare eye.

There are six things every email validation system should do to make sure an email address is valid:

  1. Verify the email address syntax
  2. Check that the rules of the individual domain-specific to the mailbox are met
  3. Look for less probable names ( famous, bogus, or suspicious keystroke chains)
  4. Verify if the mail exchange record of the domain is valid and accepting mail
  5. Verify the existence of an SMTP server for the said domain
  6. Verify the existence of a working mailbox, if possible

The benefits of email validation

Email is one of the most utilized and practical communication tools, but unfortunately, solely 10% of the email addresses captured found to prove actually to be accurate, and the reason for that insufficient data is human error.

The only manner in which businesses really get to know their clients is by collecting accurate email addresses. Consequently, email validation services are, by far, the most efficient way to do that.

The secret perks of utilizing an efficient email validation tool include enhanced email deliverability, meaning businesses reach a lot more clients, uplift in successful email marketing campaigns, decrease hard bounces and emails being blocked, and aid companies in the process of maintaining a positive sender reputation

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