A Quick Guide to Moving to Tampa

Following the financial crash in 2008, Tampa not only managed to survive but also became one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. It’s waterfront locations attract people from all over the country and a growing economy makes it a great choice for those looking to set up home. 

With a population of 400,000, it’s not only a city with a great sporting heritage it also has a diverse business sector that includes tourism, insurance, finance, retail and burgeoning tech industry. 

Why Move to Tampa?

  1. Investment in the city over the last few decades makes it a great place to live with plenty to do for all the family. 
  2. No income tax or estate tax and relatively low-cost apartments are just a few of the reasons so many people move to the city each year. 
  3. Like everywhere else in Florida, you can expect good weather all year round and there are some excellent beaches, including Fort De Soto Park. 
  4. With good transport links, including nearby Tampa International Airport, and quality schools, colleges and universities, this is the perfect central location in Florida. 

Places to Visit in Tampa

Tampa itself has a rich history with many iconic buildings as well as the new, waterfront developments that have gone up in recent years. For a resident, there is a lot to see and do almost all year round. 

If sea life is your passion, you’ll want to visit the Florida Aquarium which offers everything from alligators and otters to exotic corals, penguins and turtles. For a relaxing walk and some lively street entertainment, you might want to try the Tampa Riverwalk, especially on a Sunday.

For the young at heart, Tampa has a thriving nightclub and bar scene which tends to come alive after 5 pm. There is a huge range of bars, cafes and restaurants to enjoy including Casa Tina and Bern’s Steakhouse

Working in Tampa

With a job growth rate of just over 2.5%, Tampa is one of the up and coming economies in Florida and a great place to live and work. 

There’s a diverse job’s market that includes finance, insurance and tourism as well as tech, all supported by a strong transport infrastructure and affordable housing for local residents, whether you want to buy or rent. 

The mean salary in Tampa is $65K and the cost of living is around 5% higher than the national average. 

Setting Up Home in Tampa

There are a lot of different neighborhoods in Tampa and there’s something to suit young and upcoming professionals as well as families and retirees. 

For chic metro types, the Soho Hyde Park district has affordable housing for young professionals while an area like Carrollwood, which is one of the original districts, has a strong bias towards families. 

Another popular family location is Fishhawk Ranch which is also home to some highly rated schools. There are a bunch of community events here throughout the year that all the family can enjoy. 

Self-Storage in Tampa

For those planning to move to the city, finding cheap and reliable self-storage in Tampa is going to be important. It gives you the chance to store your possessions while you search around for the right place to set up home. It can also be important if you move into a smaller apartment and don’t have enough room for all your possessions. 

The good news is that climate controlled self-storage in Tampa is relatively inexpensive and there are some great deals if you shop around. 

Tampa is a lively, welcoming city with a lot to offer, whether you’re a family or a career-minded young professional. With great weather and gorgeous beaches, there’s always something to do and a diverse community that makes it a truly cosmopolitan place to live. 

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