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A practical guide to changing room furniture

There are three essential things that go into creating a good changing room. Benches and  lockers are the two main ones and, if your changing room has showers or is close to pools and saunas, anti-slip mats become the third.  Here is a helpful guide to choosing the right equipment for your changing room.

Changing Room Benches

Changing room benches come in different sizes, materials and some even with extra storage spaces to meet your needs.


  • Steel benches – one of the most popular. These benches are sturdier than A drawback to a steel bench is it can rust so will not be suitable for changing rooms with showers or ones where water gets dragged in regularly from pools or saunas.
  • Timber – tends to hold its shape with minimal flex under load. Timber benches can easily be stained to match your changing room surrounding and can be used as storage benches as well. It is always good to be more environmentally aware so always check if your timber benches are made from sustainable materials.
  • Polymer – those benches are made from plastic or resin They are an alternative to timber benches with little to no flex under load. Polymer benches come in different colours to easily match any style you would like for your changing room. It also has the advantage that the colours will not fade or wear off.

Customising your bench – You can use a powder coat paint on both timber and polymer benches to customise them to your liking. There is also a trend of using vinyl wrap to give a classic bench a fresher and more modern look. Vinyl wrap can also be applied to the frame and/or slats.


  • Bench Length – when choosing a bench you should factor in the size of your space and how busy it may get on your busiest days, so you can choose the right bench for your changing room. There should be enough space for people to sit comfortably and have enough room for movement and their things while changing.
  • Bench Width – decide whether single or double width will be better for your space. Single width benches are perfect to go against walls, while double-sided ones that allow people to use the bench on both sides are perfect for wide spaces where the benches can go in the middle and still leave enough space on both sides for movement.
  • Bench Height – height should also be taken into consideration. If the changing room is at a school, a lower bench will be more appropriate. Whereas, if your changing room is at a gym or a basketball court you can invest in a higher bench. Higher benches also give a better opportunity for storage underneath.


As we already mentioned, benches with storage underneath are ideal for shoes and bags. However, you can also think about benches with hooks for clothes and jackets, as these can be convenient for bulkier clothes and for keeping stuff off the floor while changing. Click here and show more information : newstheater

Changing Room Lockers

Lockers are a must for changing rooms. They provide a good place for people to store their things without worrying about security. Lockers can come in heavy-duty plastic, metal and wooden materials. It is best to think about what they are going to be used for. visit this site for more information: rtsnet. Will they act like a small safe for valuables only or be used to store clothes and backpacks? This can give you an idea of how big your locker should be. There are single door lockers and, for those needing a lot of space, double door lockers. More information visit this site: mynewsport

Anti-Slip Mats

If your changing room includes a shower area or is close to a pool, an anti-slip mat is a must. It will reduce the possibilities of slips and falls and, if a fall should occur, a thicker mat can absorb some of the shock and cushion the fall. There is a variety of anti-slip mats on the market. For more information visit this site: coschedules.

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