A Brief Explanation About Sports That One Should Know

Sports have always been one of the most remarkable mediums of entertainment and recreation. But this is not limited to just our generation or the previous one. In fact, there are documentaries stating that the time of origin of sports and 토토사이트 is over 3000 years ago.

History of sport

Each of the most popular games of this time was initiated from different countries and at different times.The rules too were different from today’s games for most of them.


The game of Cricket came from England in the 16th century. It became an international game in the 20 th century. The rubber grips we see on the handle of the modern day cricket bat were introduced around 1853.


Baseball was initiated in the year 1845 by a man named Alexander Cartwright. He and his team set the rules for these games, most of which are accepted and practiced to this day.


Many of the most popular games originated from an ancient game. Rugby is said to have originated way before cricket from a Roman game known as harpastum. Rugby in the ancient times was quite different from modern day Rugby. The players used to kick the ball to move it forward rather than carrying it, unit in 1823 a player named William Webb Ellis picked up the ball for the first time, and this has been the rule ever since.


The game of football started in China about 2000 years ago. It’s said to have been developed by Greece and the Romans. The development of football didn’t start with it being a national game, rather it were the football clubs who developed and started to make this game popular.


Golf originated in Scotland and has always been similar to modern day Golf. Golf also has a history of getting banned in its origin country. As Scotland was at war with England, there were less men involved in the armed training and Golf was considered responsible for that.

How popular were the Olympic games?

The Olympic Games have a huge role in the increasing popularity of sports throughout the time.

  • Swimming

Swimming races were one of the first original events which were held during the onset of the modern Olympic Games in Athens.

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  • Ice-skating

Around the year 1500, the Dutch used to hover over the ice gliding their feet, which was known as the “Dutch Roll”, from which ice-skating originated. Ice skating had been in the Summer Olympics since 1908.

  • Boxing

Boxing is one of the oldest sports. It is said to have been there from about 3000 BC! At a time, the popularity of boxing dropped. It’s the Olympic debut in 1904 which brought back its popularity.

The modern day of sport

In the earliest times, people used to perform physical activities not only as entertainment but in some rituals also. Some sports in the ancient times even included slaughtering people, or causing permanent injuries. Those days are now long gone! With time, the sport developed into a profession for some and entertainment for others while maintaining all the safety precautions. The only thing that has remained is people’s enthusiasm for the sports, which got passed on to generation after generation and will continue being so.

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