7 Easy Steps to Install a Window Decal Using Wet Application Technique

Generally, 2 types of window decals are available in the market one is the standard one and the other one is subsurface also known as the second surface. Unlike standard window decals, subsurface window decals have their adhesive on the viewing side. So, if you want them to be viewed from outside you have to apply them inside the window.

The installation technique of window decals is very crucial. If not done properly, you will run the risk of making air bubbles or wrinkles underneath your decal that will damage its appearance.

In this article, we will discuss 7 easy steps to install a window decal using the wet application technique.

Step 1-Clean the surface

For applying window decals,it is essentialto make sure that the surface is clean, smooth and, non-porous. So, to prevent any bumps or debris from getting trapped under your window decal, make sure to clean the surface properly with a glass cleaner.

Avoid ammonia-based cleaning products as they can lead to the formation of air bubbles under the window decal.

Step 2- Apply Application Fluid

You will need application fluid for applying your decal using the wet method. You can easily prepare this application fluid at home. According to Our Pastimes, for preparing application fluid, add ¼ cup of liquid soap in 1 cup of warm water and mix it well for 30 seconds. Be careful not to add the liquid soap in excess.

You can easily squeegee down the decal without trapping air bubbles under it using the application fluid as it will prevent the adhesive from sticking.

For better results use a squeegee. In case you don’t have one, use a piece of card to squeegee down the decal.

Step 3- Position and Tape

Fix the top of your window decal after properly cleaning the surface and check whether it is perfectly positioned or not. For a subsurface window decal, make sure that it is properly visible from the outside.

Once you are satisfied with the position, fix the top of your decal by applying a piece of tape at the top of the decal such that you can hinge your decal by lifting the bottom while keeping it fixed in place at the top.

Step 4- Remove the Liner

Remove the protective layer from the back of your window decal by lifting it from the bottom. While doing this make sure that you do not touch the adhesive side with your hands and also don’t allow the adhesive to touch the window surface.

Step 5- Apply From Top to Bottom

After removing the protective layer, spray the application fluid lightly on the adhesive side of the decal and the window surface. Slowly lower the window decal over the sprayed surface from top to bottom.

Step 6- Squeegee from the Centre to Outwards

Force out the application fluid under your decal by squeezing it at the center and then slowly moving outwards. By this time your decal must be well stuck without any wrinkles or bubbles.

Step 7- Remove the Tape

This is the final step. After you are satisfied that your window decal is perfectly placed and there are no bubbles or wrinkles under it, you can remove the tape from the top. Slowly peel it outwards from the decal. Before pulling off the tape make sure that the adhesive has properly bonded with the glass otherwise you might pull your decal off the glass. In case, this happens, wait for some time or spray water on the tape to get it removed in a bit easier way.


These are the 7 easy steps using which you can apply a window decal without wrinkles or bubbles. Before using this technique make sure that your decal does not have water-soluble adhesive.

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