5 Ways to Reduce Paperwork at Your Law Firm

Over time, various industry professionals realize that using paperwork is an expensive and unproductive way to manage customer and organizational information. Therefore, global offices from the private sector to the government sector move from manual paperwork to digital working systems to build a paperless office.

However, if you are looking online for ways to reduce paperwork and improve the productivity of your law firm, look no further! This article discussed the five best ways to reduce paperwork and improve the work process you can use in your business and life.

What Is A Paperless Office?

According to the research – “A paperless office is a working environment in which the utilizing paper is reduced or significantly diminished. It is done by altering manual documentation and other paper-work into the digital structure.”

Digitization isn’t just limited to your office space, but going digital has many benefits. Whether your goal is to provide dematerialized services to your clients, internal operations such as Sign documents online, or both, you will need to invest time and money to make such a significant change in a medium-sized business. Still, you’ll save enough in the long run that the initial investment will be worth it.

Here are five ways to reduce paperwork in your business:

1. Secure cloud-based storage

For long-term stability in the competitive market, it is essential to protect the reliability of your customers ‘or employees’ information. Plus, if you want to make sure your operations extend to stay proficient, try creating a revolutionary, digital workplace.

You can also opt for a paperless approach as it offers a very advanced security level for sensitive and vital data. Just like banking-level protection, encryption, and security measures work together to protect documents. In a paperless office, access to view the information is given to each worker, but there are some stances when only limited access is granted.

However, cloud-based storage technology ensures that responsive data stays safe and sound in exceptional data centers. Cloud storage providers also have the resources to keep abreast of the latest threats and frauds with a security expert team. Moreover, it has improved the backup recovery property.

2. Automate your accounting processes

As you know, manual processes are tedious and time-consuming that sometimes causes a delay in processing. Hence, it results in inaccurate data entry that ultimately needs to be corrected.

The productivity of your business is the most significant source of money in the house. However, it is increasingly common for all types of businesses in today’s high-tech world, including law firms, to perform all of their financial transactions with accounting software.

The software includes time tracking and a computerized billing feature that help the organization reduce human errors and acquires digital proof of purchases and expense reminders. Thus, eliminating the manual office work process will benefit your entire organization and speed up the process.

3. Go digital 

Earlier, companies were using different drawers/cabinets to store essential files/documents which were consuming a lot of space. But with the paperless operation, you can save your storage space and use it more efficiently.

Whether you are chatting with your employee in the office or traveling, it allows everyone to access the information anywhere and anytime. It also enhances the customer experience.

Besides, customers also appreciate advanced technology as they don’t have to travel to sign the documents. They can view, mark, modify, and sign the docs online via the Digital Signature maker without any hassle.

Additionally, electronic signature software helps streamline all processes – whether invoicing, file filling, document sharing, and building a better organization.

4. Virtually connect employees and customers.

Not all law firms need a real, physical office space or at least not space where all of your employees will stay. Instead, you can choose a more affordable conference space to accommodate clients, while your employees can do their research and other chores at home or in a co-working space in the city.

Virtual tools such as zoom, skype, and many other applications now allow offices to organize conference calls and virtual meetings weekly or daily.

On the other hand, setting up a Customer self service portal is also essential as they may want to know what happens next in the case or other facts such as:

  • If action needs to be taken
  • If their case status changes
  • If a deadline or hearing date is moved, and so on

Therefore, it is just as important to contact your customers regarding your employees for the work process. So, it is time to show your customer that you are always there even when your business is working virtually in a challenging time.

5. Co-operate Directory

You might be surprised at how much time lawyers and their assistants spend calling and emailing to find the right person with the right expertise on a specific case. This is where a fully configured corporate directory makes all the difference.

A Co-operate directory provides the company with a complete list of contact details for the internal staff directory and additional information, including skills, experience, and other relevant information.

Go further by including the full contact details and areas of specialization of regularly used external consultants and lawyers in your database. This makes it easy to find the right resource for help with the click of a few buttons.


The five ways mentioned above will motivate you to move to the paperless office, improve your productivity, streamline processes, and increase customer experience.

But, if you want to be successful in the modern age, it’s up to you to see the value of the tools and best practices available to your law firm.

However, switching to high tech now and not later will make you crucial in the market. And, consider choosing a solution like an electronic signature software or cloud-based storage that can add value to your business besides wasting time, space, and money unnecessarily. Also, it can separate your organization from the crowd and offers functionality spanning multiple stand-alone solutions.

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