5 Ways by Which You Can Say Goodbye to the Burning Warm Weather

It is now a stated fact that the overall temperature of the earth has risen. Melting polar caps are resulting in simultaneous drought and flood at different places. Monsoons are getting postponed affecting the seasonal changes and agriculture. Wildfires destroying forests, the list continues.

India being a tropical country, located just at the Tropic of Cancer, has two main seasons- summer and monsoon with a tint of short winter lasting for a maximum of 2-3 months. So, to beat the scorching summer heat, you need to come with some hacks.

This article will give you an insight into a bunch of hacks that will kick out all your summer irritation.

1. Air conditioning

Air conditioning is the fastest and easiest way of cooling the interiors. But buying an AC and maintenance requires a huge amount of expenses. It is during this time, AC rentals come in handy. They let you enjoy the facilities of AC and soothe yourself at a much lower cost.

  • Delhi provides a wide range of AC rentals. Rent ACs in Delhi is a very popular concept with the availability of all forms of air conditioners and thermostats. You can easily get rid of your old, worn-out AC and use another right type without even buying any. Rent AC in Delhi is really cheap and customer-friendly.
  • Air conditioners on rent in Mumbai can get you all sorts of ACs at a really affordable cost. The companies provide features like no capital investment, easily changeable and return policies, maximum energy efficiency.

2. Wet Towel Hack

Hanging a wet towel on the window is a cost-saving and life-saving hack everyone should know. You can hang a wet towel on the windows because when air passes through the damp fabric, it creates a cooling effect. You can also try this in your car- you won’t need air conditioners at all anymore.

3. Keep yourself hydrated

Summer takes a toll by drying your body way too fast. Thus, you need to hydrate yourself almost all the time. Drink lots of water and fresh fruits and vegetables and try taking a cold shower whenever possible. You can also make a DIY face mist mask to keep your face hydrated.

4. Modify your closet

Push away all the dark-colored and synthetic clothes and take out in front all the cotton and light-colored clothes. Cotton clothes reflect out the light and warmth rather than absorbing, thus providing you a cooler body temperature. Try to follow this in case of your bedding too.

5. Put the curtains down

Close your curtains during the day and keep the scorching, strong sunlight out. Putting down the curtains will definitely make your room cooler. You can even use bamboo blinds as those effectively keep the heat out but allow even the tiniest bit of breeze to pass through.

Following these hacks will definitely cool your house and the best part, this will do in a natural way and cut off on your electricity bill expenses and kick out all your summer irritations.

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