5 Tips And Tricks for Coping With Back Pain

You might have lifted something you know you shouldn’t. A medical condition like arthritis might manifest with frequent aches and pains. An extra-long workday hunched over your computer can leave you doubled over or inflammation from PMS or PMDD can cause cyclical back pain. 

Whatever its cause, back pain is never fun, particularly when it’s a chronic condition. However, it’s not an ailment without hope. From using menthol or CBD creams (with your doctor’s approval, of course) to making small changes to ease your symptoms through daily living, there are many ways you can ease the strain. 

1. Use all the resources you have available.

Medication, surgery, and similar treatment options are wonderful, of course—those with achy backs have a lot to thank modern science for. However, these methods aren’t the only way to treat backaches or overall joint pain.

In addition to your regular doctor or specialist, you might see a chiropractor for additional relief or talk to your physician about options like CBD (cannabidiol) for easing your pain. Like other CBD products, the best CBD cream or salve is free from THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid) and uses natural ingredients to offer pain relief in your back or other joints. 

2. Make your life a little easier. 

CBD topical creams or non-topical forms of CBD aren’t alone in offering at-home tools for easing your pain. In fact, one of the most effective methods doesn’t need a doctor’s approval at all. Take some time to sit down and note the moments through your day-to-day life when your pain worsens. If you struggle to reach groceries in your trunk, for example, a cargo management system can make your shopping bags more accessible, saving you from sore muscles and general discomfort after a trip to the supermarket. 

3. Focus on changes you can actually make.

In a majority of instances, you can’t cure your back pain. You can apply a lotion of topical cream infused with CBD or essential oils to relieve your symptoms, and you can make adjustments to your daily routine to further ease the strain. These small changes can make a difference, but they aren’t the only ones you can control. For instance, you might focus on improving your posture as a way to ease your pain and relieve the tension in your sore muscles. Combined with your doctor-approved CBD oil, accessibility improvements around your home, and other such changes, you’ll find you have more control over certain aspects of your chronic pain than you’d realized. 

4. Talk to your doctor.

There’s no reason for you to only consult your doctor when you’re contemplating the pros and cons of a CBD balm or have a regularly scheduled appointment made. By calling your doctor with concerns or mentioning new or continuing issues while at their office, you can take advantage of their years of experience and knowledge to better understand your muscle pain, the side effects it may produce, and whether topical CBD cream or a completely different over-the-counter remedy might be best for you. 

5. Learn new ways to relax.

Did you know that the pain you’re feeling could be caused in part by stress? When your emotions are running high, the muscles in your back, neck, and shoulders tend to become tense, leading to headaches, stiffness, and, pain over your back and beyond. While they might not cure your pain entirely, relaxation methods like yoga or meditation can help ease the pressure of stress on your back and surrounding muscles.

With chronic pain, a back or spine injury, or any discomfort in between, it’s frustrating to know you can’t flip a switch and relieve that strain. However, you can find some reassurance in the fact that you do have some control over your symptoms. Paired with your doctor’s guidance, these at-home tips and tricks can make the pain in your back a lot less of a pain in the neck.


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